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Social management in Alicante faces the PP and Compromís

The mayor, Luis Barcala, together with the spokesperson for Compromís, Natxo Bellido, in a recent image

The mayor, Luis Barcala, together with the spokesperson for Compromís, Natxo Bellido, in a recent image

The management of social services has once again faced the bipartisan of Alicante and Compromís. The crash started this morning. The orange coalition pointed out to the municipal government for its inaction at the head of Social Action, demanding that it get “down to work” and meet with the Generalitat to take advantage of the Social Services infrastructure plan, promoted by the Conselleria de Policies Inclusivas. In other words, Compromís demanded that the Barcala government do what other municipalities have already done: agree to the construction of new social infrastructures, in charge of regional funds. “We cannot be left out of the opportunity represented by the social services infrastructure plan that has been launched by the department headed by Mónica Oltra. While many municipalities are using it, Alicante is once again lagging behind as it happened with the Edificant Plan”, Explained the spokesman for the coalition, Natxo Bellido.

From the progressive training they insisted that in Alicante there are “many needs” in social service infrastructures, alluding to “pending facilities such as the Benalúa center for the elderly or a center for minors in Colonia Requena, among others essential to improve coverage in vulnerability in the city”.

From the progressive formation they have stressed that while the PP does not “do its homework” with this plan, it continues to “throw money at the rented premises in Plaza de América pending to open as a senior center for more than a year.” They have also denounced that the Conselleria de Polítiques Inclusives “is still waiting for the space that the City Council promised to give after a meeting in July between Oltra and the Councilor for Social Action of Alicante, Julia Llopis, to locate a day center for minors in Colonia Requena “.

According to the coalition, the Alicante City Council “lags behind in responding to the social emergency and the structural and social infrastructure deficiencies in the city’s neighborhoods.” “All this in a city where we remember that the emergency waiting lists in the social centers are 10 months and where every year on January 1, the City Council throws into the street the reinforcement of 80 workers and service workers social contracts that are hired by the subsidy of the Conselleria de Política Inclusivas “, they added. “We are not going to allow the same thing to happen with this plan as with the Edificant, nor that the sectarianism and blockade of the Bipartisan to the Botànic policies hinder the development of our city”, concluded Bellido.

First answer

The City Council’s response has not been long in coming, although it has not been to give its version of Compromís’s criticism. No. Through a statement, the The Department of Social Action has asked the Councilor Mónica Oltra for the transfer of CATE to serve homeless people in its facilities. The councilor for Social Action, Julia Llopis, has sent a letter to the general director of Community Action and Inclusive Neighborhoods, with a copy to the vice president Mónica Oltra, requesting the temporary transfer of CATE, the youth hostel La Florida de Alicante of the IVAJ, located on Avenida de Orihuela, “to serve homeless people in their facilities who need a place to spend the night or receive food and medical care.” The mayor Llopis considers “nonsense that this facility, fully equipped and equipped and belonging to the Generalitat, is underused when we are going through an emergency situation due to the pandemic and the cold wave in which all available resources are necessary ”.

The City Council currently has the CAI and the Ciudad Jardín pavilion, which it has had to prepare, to serve vulnerable people who are homeless, and who are also provided with food, clothing and health care, according to the Communiqué from the City Council. In the temporary assignment letter of the CATE, which the bipartisan recalls that it was already enabled to receive homeless people for some months of last year, it is specified that the Alicante City Council would collaborate with the Generalitat attending to the logistics of food through the agreement signed with the Red Cross.

Cross releases

In the face of this “response” from Acción Social, Compromís has not remained silent either. From the orange coalition they regret “the collapse of the Llopis council to face the social emergency, and the failure of the housing response to the situation of homeless people that is complicated these days by the curfew and the effects of the cold weather “.

The bipartisan of Barcala, according to Compromís, “should have provided solutions and alternatives for this situation, in addition to taking advantage of the multiplication by 5 of resources and personnel subsidized by the Conselleria de Polítiques Inclusives “. But instead, as Bellido has denounced” it was a higher priority to carry out the Ordinance of shame, than to prepare the scenario of a cold wave and increase in people living on city streets. “Beyond the resources that can be enabled from the Generalitat, as it had to do in the spring before the collapse of the social response of the bipartisan, we recall the failure of the call for emergency housing resources that has been deserted, or the waste of municipal spaces without use such as the old Abba 6 Cinemas or the premises that the City Council has paid for years in Plaza América “, they added. Thus, from Compromís they have condemned “the lack of foresight and the collapse and failure of the social policies of the bipartisan and the inability of its person in charge who is silent in the face of the antisocial measures promoted by his government team and has to constantly resort to the Ministry that directs Mónica Oltra before her inability to manage the social emergency in the city “.

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