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SOCIAL SECURITY | This is how you can change the pension’s bank account

The formalities and the paperwork of the Social Security, Hacienda or the SEPE they can be cumbersome and convoluted for many people. Although the digitization and the emergence of new technologies in the different administrations has come to make things easier for users and officialsIt is true that people who are not familiar with the Internet can get lost in certain processes, especially older people.

However, the Social Security has put in place a method to facilitate certain formalities for users such as the change of bank accounts to collect pension and other benefits. To help you with this management, today we tell you how to change the bank account to collect the Social Security pension.

The bank change It is usually now a common process, especially with the latest mergers of banking entities and the collection of commissions, but it involves performing a change of account in the Administrations and this implies the completion of some procedures. Although, in the case of the Social Security and the collection of pensions, there is a new platform that aims to facilitate the procedures related to benefits and pensions without the need to possess the electronic certificate or Cl @ ave.

For change the bank account of the pension in the Social Security You have to follow a series of steps that we show you below:

  1. Access the web “”.

  2. Choose the sections “national pensions” and “data variation“.

  3. Once here you must click on “modify the bank details and address of the pension collection “.

  4. In this section we can download a form that must be filled in with the following personal information: First surname, second surname, first name, ID, telephone, email, address, postal code, town, province, country, pension or benefit in which you want to make the change, new bank details and previous bank details.

  5. Once completed, click on “send request“. Here the user must verify your personal data and attach a copy of the DNI to access the last step.

  6. The next thing will be to sign the form through a code that will be sent to your email to complete the request.

According to Social Security, once these steps have been carried out in a short period of time, the change of bank account. In addition, it must be taken into account that if any doubt arises during the process, Social Security continues to carry out these procedures in person and through the banking entities themselves.

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