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Sofia of Wessex, daughter-in-law of Elizabeth II, bursts into tears as she remembers Philip of Edinburgh: “He has left a giant hole in our lives” | People

Sofia of Wessex has become one of the leading spokespersons for the British royal family in recent times. At 56 years old, the wife of Prince Edward (the fourth son of Queen Elizabeth II, the youngest) stands out for her willingness to lend herself to the acts required by the crown and for her discretion. It has become an even more important asset after several exits: those of Enrique and Meghan when they left to live in the United States; that of Prince Andrew, set apart by his relationship with the pedophile magnate Jeffrey Epstein; and that of the Duke of Edinburgh, who died on April 9.

It was precisely about the duke, her father-in-law, that the countess spoke in a interview with Radio 5 Live, a BBC channel. As she explained their close relationship, she couldn’t help but get emotional and burst into tears. So much so that her interlocutor, when her voice breaks, asks her if she’s okay, and she has to pause and take a breath.

The wife of Prince Edward (in turn Earl of Wessex) went to the BBC to raise awareness about the damage caused by rapes in wars, in line with the celebration by the UN International Day Against Sexual Violence in Conflict, which is commemorated on June 19. An issue in which she is very involved and which, she says, tries to speak naturally with her children, especially with the eldest, Louise, 17. But, in addition to that issue, the loss of Felipe de Edinburgh.

Sofía has said that neither she nor her family were able to see the queen or her husband as often as they would like because of the pandemic before the duke’s death. And this has had an impact on how the death of their father-in-law has affected them. “The loss does not feel immediately, as it happens if someone who lives with you at home leaves,” explained Sofía. “It’s only when you do the things you would have done with them that you suddenly realize they’re not there, and then you get that ‘oh my God’ moment. To which he added: “It has left a giant hole in our lives.”

In addition, he mentioned the image that the British royal house shared on their social networks after the death of the duke, and that she had taken. It was a portrait of Elizabeth and Philip, very smiling, sitting on the grass near Balmoral, Scotland, taken in 2003. It was the prince’s favorite, and it was when they talked about it that Sofia became emotional. She was then pregnant with her eldest daughter. “Being there, in that place, it was one of those ‘Oh my God’ moments. He knew those memories would come and go. But you have to let them come and go ”.

Sofía was very close to her father-in-law, so much so that she came to compare this death with that of her own mother, Mary Rhys-Jones, who died in 2005 due to colon cancer when she was 71 years old. “The same thing happened to me when I lost my mother. You know you’ll be fine, really fine, but then something happens, you hear a song or do something that makes your knees suddenly shake. There will be many moments like this, but remembering is good ”.

Felipe was not only very close to her, but also to his daughter Louise, whom he constantly encouraged to continue with his passion for driving old carriages, vehicles with which he participates in races and competitions and that Sofia herself tested in her youth. . “I was delighted when she decided to give it a try. And my father-in-law always encouraged her, ”she explained, saying that they used to talk a lot about her competitions, and that he used to go to see her and cheer her on them and in her training sessions.

On the coronavirus, Sofía said that it has been difficult for her to visualize the end of the wave of the disease. “Life, all the normal things we could do, all that… they went like sand through our fingers. We all become experts in managing disappointment. ” She lived the worst days surrounded by her family and, like everyone else, escaping with television, as with the British police series Line of Duty, a success of audiences to which he affirms that he was hooked. But they still have some fear of the future. “Every time a new variant arrives, we hold our breath and hope that the vaccines will be enough to contain it. So how am I? I guess like anyone, living day to day ”.

Along with Carlos and Camila and Guillermo and Kate, Sofía and Eduardo have become the main ambassadors of the queen. Sofia knows that now she and her husband are being watched more. “There is a growing interest in us as a family, but if that manages to bring more attention to the aspects that concern me, it can only be good,” he said, without giving it more importance. But will your children follow in your footsteps in the future? The little ones have not even received the title of princess and prince, as already happened with their cousins ​​Peter and Zara, children of Princess Anne, the queen’s eldest daughter. The countess expressed that she hopes they can maintain the certain anonymity in which they are installed now, especially when asked about her daughter, on the verge of coming of age. “I hope she and her friends protect her,” she said. “But I will let her live her life. It is not mine”.

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