Tuesday, June 6

Softcatalà incorporates an automatic translator between Japanese and Catalan

softcatala It has added Japanese, Occitan and Galician as options to its automatic translator, which now allows you to choose between 13 languages ​​to translate from Catalan.

The improvements are the result of collaboration between the volunteer association and other groups, both from universities such as the UOC or the UAB, as well as a Meta project to disseminate minority languages.

With students from the UOC’s Master’s Degree in Translation and Technology, they have achieved improvements in the Apertium technology, which the Catalan-Spanish translator has used since 2004, and which has been improved with more than 12,000 sentences for each language. The training has also been revised manually to evaluate the translations and be able to include the new results to the translator.

Softcatalà has also incorporated neural models that have allowed the development of a first version of a Japanese-Catalan translator, thanks to another collaboration with students of the UAB master’s degree in Tradumática.

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And thanks to Meta’s No Language Left Behind free project -with which Zuckerberg’s company intends to improve the automatic translation of some 200 languages ​​it considers to be minority languages, such as Catalan or Urdu- they have incorporated translation between Catalan, Galician and occitan. And they have opened the model so that other groups can incorporate it and improve the results with more corpora.

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In addition, the group of Softcatalà volunteers has donated material to other free projects, such as ArgoTranslate/LibreTranslate (used by Mastodon) and Mozilla Translate, and proposes neural translation workshops to “go structuring a community that knows this technology”, he assures in a note.

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