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Solar panels and rising materials make the swimming pool on the right bank of Badajoz more expensive

The works of the pool on the right bank are practically stopped. They will pick up the pace again in a month and a half, when the City Council approves a modified contract that adds another 427,000 euros to the initial budget. This was 4.8 million euros. The increase in construction costs and the installation of solar panels on the roof motivate the increase in the budget.

This is stated by the councilor in charge of the Projects Cabinet, Jaime Mejías. Wood has risen 45% since the budget for the work was drawn up and wood is the main component of the ceiling beams from which a cover will hang that can be completely or sectorally removed.

Added to the increase in the price of wood is the decision to install photovoltaic panels on that roof to supply the energy needs of the future sports complex. At first, it was not like that, so they are now added to the initial accounts. “We would be crazy if we didn’t put solar panels.”

The pool that drowns in delays

The joint venture formed by Sehuca and Martín Casillas achieved the contract in September 2018 with a budget of five million paid jointly between the Board and the City Council. The regional contribution amounts to 2.5 million euros and the agreement that both signed does not provide for increases by the Board. So the City Council will assume this and those that may come ahead.

This increase in costs will cover the cover and it is not ruled out that further increases will be necessary later.

Jaime Mejías indicates that they have already reserved the municipal funds to deal with the increase that the placement of the roof entails. But they are still processing the modification of the contract, made up of reports from different services and which must include the change in an addendum to the financing agreement with the Junta de Extremadura. That’s one of the missing documents.

The last stoppage of the work derives from the change in the contract and the increase in cost. This adds another three months to the initial deadlines, which had already been extended due to the state of alarm and confinement. If there are no further setbacks, it could be finished by the summer of 2023.

Mejías reasons that the initial budget was short and that, in addition, the problems in the construction do not stop growing. The suspension of all non-essential activity for several weeks in 2020 caused a stock break in construction materials that is still going strong. To this are added the problems in logistics and international distribution. The energy crisis and its impact on costs, as well as the stoppage of trucks in recent weeks, represent new setbacks without the solution to all these problems being clear. «The transport strike has also affected: bags of cement, steel, etc. For anything they have not come to them either, ”justifies the mayor.

In any case, Jaime Mejías trusts that the works will be reactivated within six weeks. «The work will then be more active and visual. Now it is not stopped, but it has very little activity, ”says the councilor.

This increase of 427,000 euros is directed solely to the cover. Later, it might be necessary to add more money to the original budget. “Then we will have to see the sector and prices again because materials rise almost daily. The situation is very complicated”.

until award

The rise in prices of building materials affects all municipal works. The average period from the bidding of the work to the award is nine months. With the current escalation of prices, in many contracts they become obsolete and companies do not bid. That happened at the end of the year in several municipal contracts, which will go out to tender again this year with a price revision. “It is a problem and it will be repeated in many cases,” warns councilor Jaime Mejías. He assures that the situation affects almost all municipal works, but the consequences are more visible in the largest ones. The pool on the right bank is the most ambitious of all.


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