Monday, July 4

Solar plant plans accelerate in the garden with another project in Dolores

A firm has just presented the third solar energy generation project on agricultural land in the traditional garden for the location of solar energy generation panels. The proposal is located in the rural area of Los Llobregales, next to the CV-855 Elche highway, in front of the Los Azarbes industrial park and occupies 80,000 square meters.

The initiative comes from the Spanish-Japanese company Univergy Solar, specializing in the development of photovoltaic projects and maintaining alliances with large investor groups in solar energy. The Catral electrical cooperative (3.75 hectares), not without processing difficulties, has completed its installation of a solar field on orchard land next to the Alicante-Cartagena highway and the Callosa de Segura electrical cooperative is processing another on 5 , 4 hectares. Both began their processing when the legislation had liberalized the conditions for the location on undeveloped land, they had been relaxed for small solar plants because they allowed them without the need to process a declaration of community interest, although those conditions were hardened in 2020 in the case of areas with agricultural interest, flood risk or environmental protection.

The mayor of Dolores, Joaquín Hernández (PSOE) He indicated that he does not know the project since it is processed through the autonomous administration. On the other hand, he did point out that the City Council has received a request for information from a company in the sector specialized in the construction of solar plants that make electricity production compatible with the maintenance of crops “by raising the plates to continue making agricultural activity possible. The idea they propose is to preserve traditional agricultural activity and generate wealth ”.

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Amigos de los Humedales del Sur de Alicante (AHSA) has warned that the solar plant is affected by the provisions of article 10 of Decree Law 14-2020 of the Consell, because the project affects areas with danger of flooding -hazard 2 in the plan against the flood irrigation of the Generalitat, Patricova- and soils with «very high agrological capacity class A». That is to say, of great agricultural quality. For the environmental group, the approval of this project “is not feasible” not only from their point of view of preserving the environment and the traditional garden, it also contravenes the regional legislation that regulates these projects and that with this decree disavows them both in areas of high agricultural value as well as in protected natural areas. Amigos de los Humedales insists that “the logical thing would be to place the solar panels on the roofs of the buildings in the immediate Los Azarbes industrial estate, thus avoiding occupying land from the traditional vegetable garden of the Vega Baja.”

A renewable that now worries about its high environmental impact

The small projects of solar plants that proliferate in the garden have nothing to do with the boom of the initiatives presented in other areas of the Vega Baja and the province that intend to occupy thousands of hectares of dry land with solar panels. This is the case of the two solar macro plants that have begun their processing process in Torremendo and its surroundings. Two of them located in the Sierra del Cristo on almost 400 hectares of agricultural landscape and protected land in Escalona, ​​promoted by the renewable investment funds of Bibey and Itel. The Official State Gazette of May 31 has just published the public exhibition of the plants located in the municipality of Murcia, but that affect Orihuela, promoted by Exelio Energy with 390,000 solar panels and called Torremendo I and II.

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