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Some 180 injured in clashes in Jerusalem

Israeli security forces are deployed during a demonstration against the planned eviction process for Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

Israeli security forces are deployed during a demonstration against the planned eviction process for Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.
Ilia Yefimovich / dpa

At least 178 people have been injured this friday in new clashes between Palestinian civilians and Israeli military in Jerusalem This, as reported by the Red Crescent organization, in the midst of a new escalation of violence after the announcement by the Government of Israel to expand the settlements located on occupied territories.

Israeli Police have stormed the Temple Mount in yet another night of widespread clashes in Jerusalem, which have taken place near Al Aqsa Mosque in the Sheikh Khar district, where many Palestinian families have been evicted from their homes. homes in recent weeks.

The body, which has reported six injured officers, has indicated that “the forces have begun to restore order (…) after violent disturbances, during which hundreds of suspects began to throw stones, bottles and objects” at the agents, reports ‘The Times of Israel’. “We will not allow riots, violence and attempts to give police officers taking advantage of freedom of worship or religion and turning it into a violent incident,” added the Police, who have warned that they will respond “with a heavy hand.”

This new altercation has resulted in at least 178 injured, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent, which has specified that some 88 Palestinians have been transferred to hospitals, most with rubber-coated steel bullet wounds. Al Makassed Hospital has been the one to which most of those affected have been referred, while the center’s team has asked people to donate blood due to the high number of injured. A field hospital has also been installed to care for the rest of those affected in the vicinity of the mosque, where they were taking the last prayers on Friday in Ramadan.

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On the other hand, the Palestinian Red Crescent has indicated that it has tried to send reinforcements from the West Bank to Jerusalem to attend to the wounded, but that the teams have been blocked by Israeli forces.

This new incident has occurred in the middle of the rising tensions in East Jerusalem, which led the armed wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), the Ezeldin al Qassam Brigades, to warn Israel that it will “pay a high price” if attacks on residents in the city continue. Likewise, the military wings of Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) have issued similar warnings on Friday. Islamic Jihad has indicated that Israel will be responsible “for every drop of blood spilled in Palestine”, while the PFLP has asked Israel not to “test the patience” of its militiamen.

The Shaykh Kharra neighborhood and other areas of East Jerusalem have been the scene of this upsurge in tensions in recent days after an Israeli court has determined that nearly 50 Palestinian residents they have to abandon their homes in the neighborhood arguing that they belonged to Jews before 1948. During the night of Thursday 15 Palestinians were arrested after new clashes between Palestinians and Israelis in Sheikh Jarrá. In this context, there is fear that the clashes will reach a critical point on Sunday night, when the ‘Night of Destiny’ is celebrated, the holiest of Ramadan and which will gather hundreds of faithful in the Al Aqsa mosque. At that time, Jerusalem Day will also begin, a national holiday in which Israel celebrates the unification of the city and in which parades and celebrations are held.

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