Wednesday, February 21

Some 25 Ukrainian families have already arrived in Cáceres

The City Council of Cáceres is preparing the municipal shelter to welcome more refugees

Some 25 families from Ukraine have already arrived in Cáceres, where they are being cared for through the official channels of social services and non-governmental organizations that help people fleeing the war.

At the moment, they are housed in hotels, pensions or with different host families, but the municipal shelter, located in the Valhondo building, is also being prepared, in case it is necessary for people who may arrive from now on.

The building, which was already used to house the homeless during the 2020 confinement, is being painted, some damp is being fixed and the boiler is being checked so that everything is ready so that the refugees who stay can do it with “A guarantee of comfort and dignity”, according to the mayor of Cáceres, Luis Salaya.

In addition, some 15 families from Cáceres have made their empty homes available so that they can be occupied by these families, who must go to the police station to regularize their temporary situation in our country, to have health care and to be able to work.

Salaya has recalled that all care must be done through organizations authorized to help refugees such as Accem, which is coordinating the help they need.

“The optimal thing is for families to be in flats in the coming months, maintaining a certain autonomy because it is logical and human, but there are people who are going to spend a lot of time in families because this is something that is going to last and for That is why the work of the institutions is to guarantee that all the refugees are safe”, he said.

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The councilor from Cáceres, who visited the Cáceres Food Bank this Friday to learn about their needs, has insisted that it must be institutions such as the Government Delegation, the Junta de Extremadura, the Cáceres Provincial Council or the town councils, through the Fempex, those that coordinate the aid of the people who arrive in the region.

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official way

In this sense, the president of the Food Bank of Cáceres, Juan Carlos Rincón, has highlighted that he will ask the Provincial Council and the province’s municipalities to contact the institution to send the “true needs” of the people who are welcomed in their municipalities through an “official channel”.

Thus, he has given as an example that it should be the municipalities that notify the Food Bank how many people they have in their localities, how old they are and what their needs are to proceed with the shipment of food, hygiene products or whatever is needed.

The shelves of the Food Bank of Cáceres are full of both food and hygiene products donated by the people of Cáceres and the volunteers cannot cope with classifying and ordering, so both Salaya and Fernández Rincón have asked for volunteers to be able to classify everything that it is stored in the silo located in the Aldea Moret neighbourhood, so that it can be sent out and that it reaches the needy as soon as possible.

“We need volunteers and for there to be a generational change in aid at the Food Bank,” said the mayor in statements to the media during his visit.

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