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Some Hoy Día fans are not treating Adamari López well, not even because she has COVID

Adamari Lopez

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Due to COVID, Adamari López is out of Hoy Día. Many of her fans miss her on Telemundo’s morning show, while others simply say they’re glad they don’t see her so often on the show’s and the Hispanic network’s social media. These types of comments, about the weariness generated by the tireless exposure of the Puerto Rican, have even appeared on the Facebook account of the New York Journal.

There are those who believed that with this absence of Adamari, due to illness, the public would soften their attitude. But in some the opposite has happened, they have been reinforced in their apathy towards Toni Costa’s ex. And yesterday that the program made a link with her from her home, there were several who reacted negatively to her appearance.

“The victim again,” someone said when seeing Adamari López’s conversation with Chiquibaby. And it is that this interview the conductors spoke for Hoy Día about Ada’s stay in the hospital for COVID and it also showed the marks that supposedly have been left as a result of the treatment.

Others considered this a “show”. “Oh, but what a show, she should go to rest 😒😒 Not even if she was the only one who has given her COVID.” And it is that with the OMICRON variant, which is more contagious, the cases of contagion have risen again. This is why they insist on considering this part of the program as a show: “We are all the same. I don’t know why so much show”.

There was someone, who also considered that both Adamari and Toni Costa have been irresponsible with Alaïa, because it is said that the driver has not had the proper distance with her daughter, or with her father. Here is the long message with which they approached this reflection:

“Sorry if it’s ignorance on my part for what I think. But I think, for me, an irresponsibility of Adamari and Toni that if Adamari has COVID and the girl is negative but they are still in the same house. Should the girl be at home even if she comes out negative? Because as far as I look at her posts she continues with her normal activities. I think that if Adamari continues to be positive, the girl could become infected at any time. But it’s just a comment from me. Part of my family came out negative and another part positive, but we didn’t all stay at home, that’s why my comment. May he recover soon.”

Another asserted: “And why do they do so many tests if they are going to come out positive, he is just with COVID. Pure screen, no more”.

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