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Some of the Best Utilitarian Kilts for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day without green utility skirt It will make you break from tradition. At the event closest to the heart, the Irish and Scottish will never miss an opportunity to wear their traditional costumes in the color Sprite. The green color represents Roman Catholicism; people of the same religion love to celebrate this holy day under the same color i.e. green.

Wearing a kilt is also no more offensive to other cultures. The evolution of this Scottish attire breaks down the barriers to wearing these amazing kilts. Allows all sizes to fit, can be converted into a tent, offers cargo pockets to store handbags, etc. Let’s take a look at some of the best kilts to wear on St. Patrick’s Day.

Green Checkered Irish Style Utility Kilt

As the Irish prefer to wear green on this religious occasion, sellers do not waste their search. The Irish green plaid style is one of the easiest to wear and simple yet elegant. It falls under the category of utility kilts for men. Its 100% polyester fabric enhances its life and durability to be used for years. The traditional utility kilt with knife plate will reflect the old utilitarian look.

Users recommended it for its high-quality fabric and cheap budget.

5 Yards Acrylic Party Kilt

kilt and jacks pany designed 5 yard acrylic kilt. It has been one of the best operating companies selling products over the years. You can comfortably enjoy winters formal and informal events while wearing this inexpensive, traditional utility and beautiful looking kilt. As you know, wool does not go out of style so it will be part of your wardrobe for a long time.

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Unfortunately, the Scotland Kilt company does not offer its combination of accessories in a package. You have to buy them all separately.

Tartanist Women’s Scottish Tartan Mini Skirt

This nice addition of Tartanista reaches up to 17 colors. It is a utilitarian Scottish miniskirt designed to promote women’s fashion. You will find two belt closures to secure your cute tartan kilt. It will sit a little higher than your hips/waist. As with the other woolen garments, it is not too thick to make you feel uncomfortable.

It’s a bit short for winter wear, but you can wear black leggings for casual wear. However, wearing any leggings with it will be a suitable choice to give it a formal touch. Lastly, if you think length matters to you, you should select a different option because it is shorter than usual.

Men’s Tartan Heavy Utility Kilt

This fabulous kilt is heavier than other formal/casual utility skirts. DSS Kilts invented it and it comes in seventeen different colors including green and teal. The green color can be the perfect fit if you wear it on St. Patrick’s Day eve, while the other elegant colors can treasure your other formal events. It is not explicitly made for casual wear due to its heavy features and traditional design. For its manufacture, 80% acrylic and 20% wool are used. DSS kilts offer the same utility kilt length size which is 24 inches. However, they do have the option to customize their skirts as per your requirements.

They offer two side cargo pockets with snap closures to store keys, money and more. It also includes pockets to store cell phones and other essentials.

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Accessories to wear with utility skirts on St. Patrick’s Day

To enhance the elegance of the utilitarian kilt, there are a few must-haves to wear.

Shirt and tie

The shirt and tie are the essential part of any formal attire, and shouldn’t be the highlight of your choice, so we’ve brought you some of the best favorites for you to wear on St. Patrick’s Day alongside your kilt.

  • The Ghillie Shirt; it is a traditional shirt but baggy to resemble the old Irish and Scottish utilitarians. There is no need to wear a tie with this shirt. However, due to its open fitted structure, there is a black leather belt to wrap and tie around the waist to keep it in place.
  • Standard collar shirts; The collar always turns a formal shirt from casual. And when worn with a handsome black bow tie and a long black tie, it makes a lovely combination to wear to a formal daytime event, whereas just bow ties with a standard collared shirt would suffice to wear to a formal evening event.
  • Victorian collar shirts are very formal shirts with a bow tie, tie or ruffled tie. It is up to you which connection is the most suitable for you. Although, it is the best selection to wear on St. Patrick’s Day.

jacket and vest

There are no such limitations for jackets and waist. Usually three or five buttons on jackets are the most demanding to wear with kilts, but you can wear a vest as a jacket to enhance the beauty of your outfits and make them more formal. Don’t forget to choose a color that contrasts with your kilt.

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socks and shoes

You rarely have to choose socks and shoes to wear with your kilt. As opposed to casual clothing, try to wear solid color socks that are darker. Most likely, the Irish prefer to wear knee-high and acrylic stockings for St. Patrick’s Day. However, if you need to look modern, there is always room to give your choice a diversified path. You can check out different online stores i.e. Amazon to see the variety available.

When it comes to shoes, Borges is the only option to wear in winter and on St. Patrick’s Day due to the interpretation of rain. It is often easy to wear and more comfortable than boots and other shoes recommended for casual wear.

last word

The kilts and accessories mentioned above are available in the market at the lowest possible price. However, you can update your outfit along with kilts according to your fashion sense and world fashion. Patrick’s Day is a formal occasion. That is why most people recommend wearing old and traditional kilts in remembrance of their ancestors and in the spirit of that day.

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