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Some peculiar deaths – Information

Death awaits us all, most of the time we say that it was due to an illness. But there is no doubt that the death of some characters has been strange, or at least incites curiosity.

I stop to comment here on some deaths that we could call peculiar:

Many are convinced that Tchaikovsky he became depressed at the end of his life, leading to suicide. We can ask ourselves:

Francisco Franco.

How did Franco die?

The dictator’s health at the age of eighty was delicate, with advanced Parkinson’s disease and the many ravages that the war in Morocco had left him in his youth. In 1916, in a raffia near Ceuta he was seriously wounded in the lower abdomen and almost died in a hospital days later. Those memories of war and the weight of power slowly broke Franco’s physical strength, giving way over the years to the lean and trembling image that everyone remembers of him. Despite this, the dictator was absent only twice in his entire life from the meeting of the Council of Ministers. The first was in November 1959 due to the flu. The second was in May 1973 due to a problem in the mouth.

At the beginning of the 21st century there was talk of generation of 27, because some artists died at that age. It looked like the protagonists of Agatha Christie’s novels, they did it because of the effect of toxic substances, in this case drugs they used. Among them was Whitney Houston. On February 11, 2012, the singer was preparing what would be her participation in the Grammy Awards, but could not do that expected show because she was found dead in the bathtub of the hotel in Las Vegas, where she was staying and the cause of his death was classified as an “accidental drowning” after a mixture of cocaine and various medications.

Amy Winehouse.

July 23, 2011 Amy Winehouse the singer of “Rehab” was found at her home in Camden Town, North London. According to the forensic report, 416 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood were found in her body when she was found at home. These days is the anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain, at that age and for the same reasons.

On June 25, 2009, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson suffered a respiratory arrest at his rented Holmby Hills mansion. According to the medical report, he died of “acute propofol intoxication”, a strong, short-lived anesthetic. In his body, several pills were even found in a partial state of disintegration.

On August 5, 1962, the actress, singer and sex symbol Marylin Monroe she was found lifeless on the bed at her residence; the medical report confirmed that his life ended at 36 years after a “barbiturate overdose.”

Image of Marilyn Monroe.

In 1977, Elvis presley At age 42, the man who transformed rock was found dead in the bathroom of his Graceland mansion. Fourteen different medications were found in his body, ten of them in significant quantities. The same group could include Jimmy Hendrix O Janis Joplin.

An accident was the cause of death for others like James Dean. He wanted to return to the world of racing, and he enjoyed driving a Porsche. Police issued him a speeding ticket just two hours before he crashed into a pole.

Antoni Gaudi, father of Catalan modernism was run over by a tram.

AND Steve McQueen, died after suffering a heart attack after a 4-hour operation. He had been treated for months for malignant mesothelioma, a widespread pleural tumor.

Our society was saddened to learn that he had passed away Nino Bravo, he was riding his BMV when he left the road and after several laps, he died.

Nino Bravo.

Some famous people have been murdered. One of the best known was the beatle John Lennon, or the Italian designer Gianni Versace. Others committed suicide from depression, such as the actor Robin Williams, he did it by asphyxia by hanging himself at home, the musician Kurt Cobain that that one shot in the head with a shotgun, the same as Ernest Hemingway. The painter Vincent van Gogh He decided to move away in a field and shot himself in the chest to commit suicide. Despite his injury, he returned to the city, where he died two days later.

Pedro Armendáriz, a well-known actor from the “Golden Age” of Mexican cinema, decided to commit suicide to end the suffering of his depression, which arose as a result of the cancer that had been detected. He shot himself in the heart. As I have commented on the death of Marilyn Monroe It is still shrouded in a great mystery, but most likely she committed suicide with an overdose of barbiturates. The Italian writer Emilio Salgari He opened his belly when he was suffering from a great depression when he learned that his wife had dementia, and something similar happened to the French actor Charles Boyer, depressed by the cancer death of his wife, which was later followed by the suicide of his son. Virginia Woolf suffered from bipolar disorder, filled with rocks and threw herself into the Ouse River where she drowned.

The death of a great conductor was very peculiar Ataúlfo ArgentaWhen he was 44 years old, he had an extramarital date with a 23-year-old French pianist who was a student of his. They stayed in a hotel and had sex in a car with the engine running, and the gases from the car ended his life.

It is said that when Pope Hadrian IV was walking, a fly entered his mouth, stayed there and died of suffocation.

The famous astronomer Tycho Brahe it is believed that he had died from not wanting to urinate, holding back the desire, but a subsequent autopsy has shown that his bones and hair were high in mercury. He died poisoned.

Henry I of Castile he died of a stone just or when he ascended to the throne when he was thirteen years old and was playing with some friends who threw it at him.

The famous Archimedes he was killed by the sword of a soldier with whom he was arguing and with whom he attacked him because he was fed up with his reprisals.

They say that Francis Bacon I wanted to see if cold was good for preserving food. He went out into the snow to bury a chicken and caught pneumonia that soon after caused his death.

More striking is what they say was the death of Aeschylus. He says that a turtle fell from the claws of an eagle that was flying overhead, hitting his head and the trauma was the cause of his death.

Isadora Duncan, the American dancer got into a car without realizing that her scarf had got caught in the wheel, and when she started, she suffocated, it happened when she was 50 years old.

Francisco Rivera “Paquirri”

It is not surprising that some have died from bullfighting, if they were bullfighters. That has happened to Pepe-Hillo, the Espartero, Iván Fandiño, Manolete, the Liter, Francisco Rivera and Paquiro.

Alexander the first of Greece had a monkey as a pet, which bit him and infected him with rabies, causing his death.

Sudden death in sports is common. Cyclists and footballers are among the most affected. Many remember Yago Lamela, triple jump champion who died of an acute heart attack.

The Queen Federica de Grecia Sofía’s mother, Juan Carlos’s wife, had accumulations of fat on her eyelids, which is called xanthelasma. It was operated on for them; It was a mild cosmetic surgery, but he died in the operating room due to a massive myocardial infarction.

The reasons for the death of Maria Callas remain unclear: officially it was a “heart attack”, but it is not ruled out that he committed suicide by ingesting a massive dose of tranquilizers.

There is no doubt that we will all die, but some, although they do not always choose it, can have a peculiar death.

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