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Someone Has Created The World’s Smallest Wankel Rotary Engine – Watching It In Action Is Fascinating

Someone Has Created The World's Smallest Wankel Rotary Engine - Watching It In Action Is Fascinating

The Wankel rotary engine It is one of those engineering creations that continue to arouse passions among motor lovers. Despite the fact that we have not seen it in the market for 10 years, many keep their faith intact and it seems that Mazda is going to fulfill their dreams. But that is another story.

One of the great advantages of the rotary motor is that great power can be achieved with a very small size. The Mazda RX8, the last model to mount it, barely needed 1.3 liters of displacement to produce 231 horsepower. It was therefore noticeably smaller than the four-cylinder engines of the first decade of the 2000s.

And how demonstration of the tremendous force that they can have, from the Warped Perception YouTube channel comes one of the most fascinating videos we have seen in a long time: the smallest rotary engine in the world.

The project has lasted more than a year and in the videos on the channel you can find all the steps that have been taken, telling what failed at each moment and what difficulties were encountered along the way. Now, this little miniaturized gem already has its own video.

In the palm of the hand

The rotary engine is an alternative to the conventional cylinder engines in the automotive market. The great advantage lay in its little size and the elimination of a good part of the parts that are necessary in current engines.

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Its operation is based on the movement of a triangular rotor inside a cylindrical chamber with small intersections. The rotor rotates inside the cylinder, creating an air chamber that is compressed. At that moment, the fuel is injected and when the explosion occurs, the energy released multiplies the rotation of the cylinder, which transfers this energy to the wheels.

Gasoline and diesel are sentenced.  And rotary engines won't save them

in Xataka

Gasoline and diesel are sentenced. And rotary engines won’t save them

Much of the nostalgia generated around this engine lies in its particular sound and in the pleasure of reaching extremely high revolutions, ideal for sports models, all with a very linear thrust and less vibration. Not forgetting the victory of the 1991 Mazda 787B at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

And just for the fun of it, Warped Perception have tried to make the world’s smallest functional Wankel rotary engine. The result is a little gem that can be held in the palm of your hand (and a hand to spare) and that reaches 30,000 rpm. In fact, this little miniature is capable of generating 0.6 CV of power.

If you are interested, on the Enginediy website they sell replicas of the engine that stars in the video for prices starting at $499.99.

Photo | Warped Perception

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Someone Has Created The World’s Smallest Wankel Rotary Engine – Watching It In Action Is Fascinating

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