Monday, February 6

Someone is creating a laptop with a monochrome e-ink screen. promise a lot

Electronic ink screens have been proving their virtues in e-book readers for years, and for some time some have been trying to transfer the concept to hybrid tablets and even monitors.

Now a company called Modos is creating the Paper Laptop, a laptop with an electronic ink screen that precisely tries to explore that option in this type of machines. The surprising thing is that in the videos of the first prototypes, the screen stands out for its refresh rate, and that makes a concept like this very interesting.

Amazing refresh rate

The Modos company hopes to offer the benefits of e-ink displays—efficiency, less strain on the eyes, perfect for outdoor use— on portable computers.

The idea is not new of course. there was who tried to assemble such a team on its own and in fact Lenovo has launched models like the ThinkBook Plus that had a 10.8-inch electronic ink screen on the lid that, yes, had the traditional limitation of this technology.

that limitation is none other than the refresh rate– The speed with which the display changes anything on the screen is typically poor on these displays, making using them for anything other than reading e-books awkward.

The Paper Laptop seems to have solved that problem, and in the video that its creators have shared with a prototype of the screen you can see how the refresh rate is remarkable and when browsing or switching from one application to another the speed with which the contents are displayed is very decent.

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The image quality seems to be somewhat poorer than expected – although here the viewing angles influence – but of course the video seems to show that a concept like this is viable. As its creators indicate, with that refresh rate it is even feasible to watch a video on YouTube, or at least do it fluently because the screen also has a second traditional limitation in this technology.

Ode to electronic ink

It’s about you here we are talking about a monochrome screen, something to be expected, although little by little electronic ink screens with color support are appearing. The focus on monochrome screens may, however, make it less appealing to procrastinate with videos and images: the notebook seems especially handy for working without so many distractions.

In Modos they continue to develop the team and reveal that they are “in the process of securing funding for our pilot program and building prototypes for their participants.” They expect at least 50,000 users to be interested in the laptop —you can participate in the survey to show your support—, and although the project might not end up in a commercial product, such an initiative certainly seems to show that a product like this is totally feasible.

Via | Gizmodo

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