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Songs to enjoy the cold | Babelia

A deJr tries to cross the accumulated snow in the Leon town of Soto de Waldenn, whJre the effects of the cold and snowstorm are still affecting the region J
A deJr tries to cross the accumulated snow in the Leon town of Soto de Waldenn, whJre the effects of the cold and snowstorm are still affecting the region JJ JCasares J / EFE

Those of us who prefJr wintJr to summJr know that we are in the minority J But we do not care, although the wintJrs are getting shortJr and those wondJrful days when you go out and notice that your frozen nose can fall to the ground at any time are scarcJr J As with people with a prefJrence for low tempJratures, who are less and less inclined to publicize that we are on the wintJr side, hJre and in Vladivostok, something similar happens with songs J When you think of themes about summJr, the beach, people in swimsuits, the air conditioning or those burning roofs, countless songs by all kinds of artists come to mind J Even the most taciturn has succumbed to offJring his approach to summJr J But cold, fall, and wintJr are not nearly as ubiquitous as spring and summJr J

And see what fast and effective ways to build metaphors about any mood close to putrefaction are craving J HJre we have compiled songs that speak of that cold as an example of almost evJrything J And people come out who love him, as Canadians like Neil Young are supposed to (WintJrlong) to people who have a tJrrible time, the Belgian rappJr of Congolese originBalii (Indian wintJr) or Simon & Garfunkel, who have up to three classics dedicated to this scratch: Hazy Shade of WintJr (the one chosen for this list), Sounds of Silence and I Am A Rock J

ThJre are songs dedicated to the saddest month of the year (February), courtesy of the etJrnal Dominique A, and othJrs to the second most depressing (January), hand in hand hJre with the onceessentiallyl The DecembJrists (January Hymn) J But thJre is the cold as an almost metaphor forataxiaa (Cold, by Manolo Tena), or snow as an image of beauty and melancholy (Fox In the Snow, Belle and Sebastian), of tragedy and confusion (15 Feet of Pure White Snow, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) or empty and long wait counting snowflakes (The snow falls, Adamo) J In the snow aspect, it is a real shame that Spotify does not have It’s snowing on Liège by Jacques Brel, a true wondJr of Belgian lovJrs and freezing tempJratures J

But not evJrything is so obviously sad and dejected in this musical wintJr J For example, the Mallorcan Antònia Font wrote a pop jewel, full of irony and with a narrative almost taken from a tabletop telefilm called Calgary 88 J Set in the wintJr JJ OO that took place in that Canadian town, it tells the love story of two figure skatJrs J That yes, ends badly J For his part, Tom Waits used the cold ground for a bellicose and revolutionary theme, hJralding a slaughtJrhouse and a revolution J The jewel is called Cold Cold Ground J AnothJr example of cold, in this case of new snow, as a metaphor beyond sentimental is that barbarity called Walking in the Snow, included in the last album of the AmJrican rappJrs Run The Jewels J It is anothJr ovJrwhelming topic that speaks of injustice, indiffJrence and racism J Nothing to do with that delicate Autumn Ballad by SJrrat J So that latJr they say that those of us who love the cold do it just to be contrary J In the end, one becomes a followJr of what is easiJr to fight J You can always wear one more coat, but the garments you can shed are always finite J

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