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‘Sorry for your loss’: Elizabeth Olsen and the duel before ‘Wandavision’ | TV

Beyond the Marvel universe, its superheroes and its superpowers, what underlies the background of Scarlet Witch and Vision, the latest success with which Disney has had thousands of viewers Friday after Friday glued to its platform, is the way in which its protagonist, Wanda Maximoff, faces the duel. Without going into much detail so as not to gut the plot to those who have not seen it yet, the chosen format has also allowed Elizabeth Olsen to look like an actress thanks to the variety of registers in which she has moved and the evolution of your character. However, while not everyone may remember it, this was not the first time Olsen had portrayed a woman going through a complicated grieving process in a series. You may not remember because Sorry for your loss It was one of the best series that premiered in 2018 and that nobody saw.

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Although it seems like an eternity, it was only a little over two years ago that Facebook featured this drama. It was his first major foray into fiction production. The first and almost the last, because in the era of television overabundance Not even being Facebook assures you a relevant place in the jungle of series, and shortly after he decided that he was retiring from fiction production. His two seasons (available for free on Facebook, in original version with Spanish subtitles) develop a drama that, despite the theme, becomes more bearable than it might seem.

The plot follows the grieving process of a young woman (Olsen) whose husband died three months earlier. Narrated in two stages, a present in which the woman discovers that perhaps she did not know her husband as well as she thought, and a past in which she still enjoyed an apparently happy marriage, the dramatic situation of the protagonist is counteracted with the slight optimistic tone contributed by secondary characters like his mother and sister. In the background, doubt flies over what really happened to her husband, whose death was closed as an accident, but which could have been a suicide.

The fact that its chapters last 30 minutes helps to lighten the viewing of episodes on topics as hard as grief or depression. And if Olsen has drawn attention to Scarlet Witch and Vision, here he has already demonstrated his ability to convey complex feelings with great naturalness. The series also showed the ability to generate debate, albeit in a limited way, in the comments of each chapter. At the end of the day, even if he had become a producer, Facebook was still a social network and what he was looking for with his series was to awaken conversation and keep users in their environment as long as possible.

With a better first season than the second, an unnecessary extension of the story, Sorry for your loss it is now revealed as an interesting dramatic, realistic and super-powered complement to Wanda Maximoff’s duel.

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