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South Carolina lawmakers, organizations react to Roe v. wade overturn

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA)- Following the historic ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, South Carolina lawmakers and organizations released their opinions about the ruling.

The state’s Attorney General, Alan Wilson, said, “I have always thought Roe v. Wade was bad policy, was wrongly decided, and not supported by the constitution.”

However, democratic leaders are expressing their concern.

US House Majority Whip James Clyburn said, “That case, I think is a giant step backwards.”

Clyburn took a stand against the decision shortly after it was announced Friday morning.

“This is the first time in the history of the country, that the Supreme Court has taken away a right such as this one,” Clyburn said.

I have also tweeted“Today’s SCOTUS ruling further establishes right-wing republican justices’ radical disregard for individual rights & settled precedent.”

7NEWS also spoke with a pregnancy center in the Upstate who said for them, this is a huge victory.

“We’re just crazy excited about all the babies that will get to live now, and yet we grieve the ones who lost their life before this great decision,” Director of Carolina Pregnancy Center Alexia Newman.

Planned Parenthood sent a statement to us that read, “Lawmakers need to stay out of the personal decisions of patients, their families and their providers, especially when the overwhelming majority of South Carolina residents support the legal right to obtain an abortion.”

Several pregnancy centers in the Upstate said they have set up increased security for Friday night, for any possible protests.

South Carolina Representative Todd Rutherford sent out a statement expressing his concern that what he calls extremists in the state could pass an abortion ban without exceptions for rape, incest or to protect the life of the mother.

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“You know it’s a sad day in South Carolina when you can rejoice over taking away a woman’s right to control what happens to her body, including at a time when her own health may be at risk because of a fetus that she’s carrying,” Rutherford said.

“…Freedom, as much as people talk about it, especially republicans in this state, they really don’t mean it. They only mean freedom, as it relates to themselves, as men–not as it relates to women, and it’s disturbing and it’s sad,” Rutherford said.

Now that power all rests in the state.

“I mean like millions of Americans, I was devastated,” Joe Cunningham, Democratic Governor Nominee. “It’s unthinkable that politicians want to try to inject themselves into the four walls of a doctor’s office,” he said.

Cunningham said that’s why this election is more critical than ever.

“Governor McMaster has been clear that he wants to call legislature back in session to ban all abortions, and have no exceptions for rape, incest, or life of a mother, and my veto pen as a democratic governor, would be the only thing stopping that legislation,” Cunningham said.

Following the ruling on Friday, Senator Lindsey Graham sent the statement below:

“Today’s decision by the Supreme Court is a long overdue constitutional correction allowing for elected officials in the states to decide issues of life.

gnaws was Constitutionally unsound from its inception as the flawed legal theory behind the decision gives unlimited power to five unelected Supreme Court justices. I believe it was one of the largest power grabs in the history of the Supreme Court. Under the gnaws theory, almost anything could be a constitutional right depending on the views of five justices on substantive due process.

“The issue of life will now be decided by elected officials in the states, the same way the issue was handled until 1973. Simply stated, this decision represents a constitutional reset.

“Finally, all these decades of toiling in the vineyards fighting for conservative judges has paid off. I am glad to have done my part in this cause. I also appreciate President Trump’s leadership in nominating conservative justices.

“On this historic day, I cannot help but think of dear old friends like former Congressman Henry Hyde. He and many others worked so hard to protect the unborn, and today their dream came true.”

Congressman William Timmons also sent a statement:

“Despite unprecedented attempts to obstruct the Supreme Court and intimidate Justices, Roe v. Wade has been overturned and life wins. I applaud the Supreme Court for this historic ruling. The decision on abortion will now return to the states, and I know South Carolina will continue to lead as a state that protects and values ​​innocent life. In Congress, I will continue to fight extreme and radical abortion policies and to ensure that our taxpayer dollars are not used to end innocent human life.”

US Rep. William Timmons (R) South Carolina

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