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Southern US braces for new winter front as transportation ravages and storm power outages continue

Southern US braces for new winter front as transportation ravages and storm power outages continue

Victor Zelaya is one of the residents of Houston, Texas who has to juggle cooking because there is no electricity in his home as a result of the snow storm.

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The southeast texas prepares for more freezing rain this Wednesday, and in dallas Snow has already started to fall on Tuesday night.

But they will not be the only areas of the South of the country affected by new storms, after a first major winter wave that caused at least 31 deaths, devastation of various kinds in services and transportation and left millions of Texans without electricity and in extreme cold, with many of them still in trouble of this type.

As our sister network NBC News reports, bad weather advisories or warnings covered this Tuesday night as well. all of Arkansas and most of Oklahoma, Louisiana and Mississippi.

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Carlos Robles, head of meteorology at Noticias Telemundo warned this Tuesday that “the intense cold will continue” in the southeastern part of the country. And he added that the warnings and winter weather warnings would gradually spread further northeast.

The new cold front is expected to hit the southern zone throughout the day on Wednesday, and then as of Thursday, it impacts states located further north, the meteorologist explained.

Meanwhile, more than 2.9 million homes and businesses in Texas were still without power at dawn this Wednesday, according to the specialized website

“All Texas leaders are working around the clock to restore power,” State Governor Greg Abbott told local broadcaster NBC Dallas-Fort Worth on Tuesday, the same day that requested an investigation into power outages.

The state’s electricity grid, which is independent from the rest of the country, it may take several days to fully reset, as predicted by companies in the sector that operate in that area.

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The lack of energy is causing problems for people also to get warm enough in the middle of the intense cold. Hospitals in some areas of the state have seen an increase in people with hypothermia and cases of carbon monoxide poisoningaccording to The Dallas Morning News.

Snow and storms have also caused transport problems. On the icy roads, they have been recorded in recent days multiple accidents in various states, some of them deadly. The authorities of some sites have warned that there may be more problems of that kind for the new cold front.

After hundreds of flights were canceled this Tuesday, there are dozens more that are suspended or delayed in the country, according to the Fligth Aware tracking website.

Weather conditions are also likely to cause “Widespread Delays” in COVID-19 Vaccine Supplies in the coming days, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in an email accessed by NBC News on Tuesday.

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In some states such as Texas, Illinois and Pennsylvania, appointments scheduled to vaccinate patients had to be delayed due to the impact of the storm.

On Tuesday night, the president, Joe Biden, insisted on a meeting with citizens in Wisconsin organized by CNN in his forecast that all US citizens will have access to vaccines “from the end of July”.

With information from NBC News (Also here), AP, The Dallas Morning News, CNN, USA Today.

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