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‘Southgate You’re the One’: social media reacts to England’s victory | England

TOSure as night follows day, social media memes follow a major sporting event, which is why England fans on Wednesday night enjoyed sharing jokes and clips of events related to the victory in the semi-final of the Euro 2020 almost as much as the victory itself.

Mason Mount was showered with praise after this video clip of him handing over his shirt to a young woman in the Wembley crowd took off on social media. His emotional reaction summed up what many England fans must have felt after such a long wait to reach a major tournament final again.

This enthusiastic fan earned praise for the courageous way in which he tried to keep singing and celebrating, even after gracefully falling several rows of seats.

Actress Ingrid Oliver hinted, however, that she hadn’t found it so relaxing or enjoyable to support England on Wednesday night.

Social media users had some important questions about the awarding of a penalty in extra time to England and why the video assistant referee (VAR) did not overturn the decision.

The #cheating hashtag was trending Thursday morning, leading to some interesting theories about who might have been in control of the VAR operation that night.

A clip from ITV expert Gary Neville was also widely shared, as he delivered a verdict at the end of the match not only on Southgate and the England team, but on the leadership of the country as a whole.

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The former Manchester United and England player went viral saying: “The standards of the leaders in this country for the past two years have been poor, and looking at that man there, that’s all a leader should be. Respectful. Humble. Tells the truth. Authentic. It’s fantastic, Gareth Southgate. He really is amazing and he has done a great job. “

Speaking of leaders, there were many observations after Boris Johnson arrived at the game wearing a replica of the England jersey. Some criticize the prime minister’s football knowledge.

And all of Johnson’s soccer jersey plus office shirt and tie combo were outright mocked.

Political spots weren’t hard to find, whether they were people expressing surprise at left-wing public figures who suddenly seemed to discover a nationalist fervor …

… O schadenfreude those on the right who at the beginning of the tournament had been so offended by the England players that they knelt before the matches. Conservative MP Lee Anderson, who had announced that he was boycotting England’s parties while still making the anti-racist gesture before the start of the match, was a popular target for memes.

Some went back to that famous norwegian commentator back in 1981:

If you weren’t supporting England, well, there’s still another match around the corner, and it’s time to get some different flags for your pennant.

Atomic Kitten’s song Whole Again has been adopted by fans in England as an anthem, and they have re-recorded it as Southgate You’re the One (Football’s Coming Home Again). It has caused some raised eyebrows.

But it created an amazing atmosphere in the stadium.

And Gareth Southgate was receiving praise not only for his tactics and substitutions, but for almost single-handedly saving Gareth’s name.

Atomic Kitten delighted fans by performing the new version of the song live on the BBC after the match ended.

But perhaps especially on social media, after months of tough times, England fans felt there was just a tremendous celebration of the nation’s union, a great sense of relief and a wave of admiration for Southgate and his team.

And so on until Sunday and the clash with Italy.

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