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Southport Fitness Enthusiast, 42, Who Refused Vaccine, Dies From Covid | Coronavirus

A “fit and healthy” 42-year-old man who loved to climb mountains and lift weights died of Covid after refusing the vaccine, leaving his twin sister and mother heartbroken and warning others not to think they are invulnerable to the dangers of the virus.

One’s father, John Eyers, a construction expert from Southport in Merseyside, was described by his sister Jenny McCann as “the fittest and healthiest person I know.”

He added that his brother had been climbing Welsh mountains and camping in the wild for four weeks before his death.

But he was left in intensive care after contracting the coronavirus, and he told his consultant before he was ventilated that he wished he had been vaccinated. His twin called his brother’s death “a tragedy.”

“He thought that if he contracted Covid-19 it would be fine. He thought he had a mild illness. He did not want to put a vaccine in his body. His was full of all the hospital drugs. They threw everything at him, ”McCann said on Twitter.

“It shouldn’t have happened. Leave a mom and dad, a sister (me) and a 19-year-old daughter. My two sons have lost their funny uncle. The uncle who always played with them.”

McCann said his brother had dressed up as Santa Claus for his children. “My mom has lost her baby. My niece, her father so dear and needy. This should not have happened. My mother wants people to know about John. For his story to save someone’s life. So that grief and loss drive people to get vaccinated. “

Tributes also came from Eyers’ friends, with many describing him as “an incredibly fit person” and “one of the most active and fit people” they knew.

A friend wrote: “I had a great love for sports and fitness competing in bodybuilding, triathlons, rock climbing and much more.

“He helped me a few years ago when I was competing as I struggled with my preparation and he was the additional support and guidance I needed to push me through my program.

“He was not my coach. She helped me in her spare time and with the kindness of her heart, as fitness was one of her great passions. I can never thank you enough for your support. “

He added: “Sadly, John was lost to Covid without any underlying health conditions. His family wants others to see him and rethink some of his decisions around Covid, which I think is absolutely incredible. ”However, McCann said that his brother had asthma in a previous tweet on July 3.

Healthcare workers and Covid patients have increasingly spoken out about feeling regret about not being vaccinated once they become seriously ill.

Dr. Samantha Batt-Rawden, senior intensive care registrar, said she had come across only one patient in intensive care who had received both doses of vaccination and that the “vast majority” of the people she was seeing were not “completely vaccinated “.

Batt-Rawden said it was difficult to witness the expression of regret on patients’ faces when they got sick and needed a respirator. “You can see that they realize that they potentially made the biggest mistake of their lives. [in not getting the vaccine], which is really difficult, ”she said, adding that she had listened to people tell their relatives about their regret.

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