Tuesday, October 3

“Soybean Car”: the green car created by Henry Ford in 1941 (and why it was never marketed)

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Robert Boyer and Henry Ford presenting the Soybean Car at the Dearborn festival in 1941

Image source, The Henry Ford/Ford Motor Company


Henry Ford (right) presenting his “car made of plastic” in 1941.

Henry Ford was immortalized as the man who popularized the use of automobiles with the creation of the first mass-produced car, the Ford T.

The assembly line, which the American invented, was what allowed the automobile market to explode, revolutionizing the transportation industry at the beginning of the 20th century.

One hundred years later, the proliferation of internal combustion vehicles, which emit carbon dioxide (CO2) – the main gas that causes global warming – is considered one of the great causes of climate change.

But few know that the man who gave birth to our insatiable passion for cars was also an ecological pioneer.


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