Wednesday, December 8

Spain achieves a scandal win in the Faroe Islands (0-10)

  • Amaiur Sarriegi (4), Irene Guerrero, Alexia Putellas, Lucía García, Patri Guijarro, Mariona Caldentey and Laia Aleixandri scored the goals.

The Spanish women’s soccer team on Thursday overwhelmed the Faroe Islands in their first qualifying match for the 2023 World Cup to be played in Australia and New Zealand. Jorge Vilda made rotations and put less common players in the starting eleven. He booked fixed players like Sandra Paños, Mapi León and Aitana Bonmatí on the bench for the second World Cup qualifying game next Tuesday against Hungary.

The first big chance was in minute 4, when Alexia putellas he smashed a ball off the crossbar off Mariona Caldentey. Shortly after, the first goal of the afternoon came with a header from Amaiur Sarriegi, who was playing his second game with Spain, passed by a great Marta Corredera from the right side (min.7).

Amaiur exhibition

And in a followed and identical play, the second came with an accurate header from Irene Guerrero from an incisive Ona, this time from the left side (min.8). In the 24th minute, Amaiur, with a header, converted a pass from Mariona caldentey from the left wing to a changed leg, but the assistant referee ruled offside.

Alexia was the owner of the midfield with deep passes that ended in countless corners. He also tried with long shots, as happened in the 25th minute, but he left brushing the Faroese right post.

Amaiur was sweet and with a lot of scoring instinct. Proof of this was the second goal on his account when he finished off a pass from Ona ​​in the small area that brushed against Mittfoss center and changed the trajectory for goalkeeper Joensen.

Left handed by Alexia

In the second half, Spain took to the field wanting to extend the advantage and get a great win. The first goal d was in minute 50 with a low left foot by Alexia Putellas who went to the right side of the Faroese goalkeeper. Five minutes later, Amaiur Sarriegi scored his hat-trick by heading into the net with a fantastic cross from Mariona Caldentey’s left flank.

The first changes arrived in both teams and Jorge Vilda decided to bet on a 3-5-2 with the Basque duo in attack composed of Amaiur Sarriegi and Lucía García.

Shortly after entering the field, Lucía García scored the 0-6 from Amaiur Sarriegi in the small area (min.58). Two minutes later, in ’60, Amaiur Sarriegi signed his goal poker by cutting with the left from the corner of the area and finishing with the right leg.

Mariona’s move

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Patri Guijarro headed to pass from Athenea (min.64) and Mariona Caldentey in a personal move (min.70) scored the eighth and ninth goals of the afternoon, respectively.

The tenth and closing to the ecstasy scorer of Spain had the signature of Laia alexandri with an accurate header after a corner kick by Irene Guerrero (min.95).

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