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Spain already has 54 suspected cases of monkeypox in nine autonomous communities



In Spain they are already 9 the autonomous communities that suspect 54 possible infected of monkeypox. The Community of Madrid, which is the only one that has confirmed positives so far (30), raised its possible positives under study this Sunday to 40. Andalusia raised its suspects to 5: four correspond to the province of Malaga and one to Granada. Of these five patients, one already has prior confirmation from the Andalusian Government, although “official confirmation” is pending from the National Center for Microbiology.

Two more cases are awaiting results in the Canary Islands and another two in Catalonia. In Extremadura the suspected case is that of a woman, but there is no evidence that the patient has any link with any of the positives that have been confirmed so far and her symptoms are not fully compatible with the disease, which could be ruled out in the next hours.

In Aragón, on the other hand, the suspect is related to the positives confirmed to date. Catalonia, the Basque Country and Galicia, for their part, are also pending confirmation of a positive in each case.

Link with the Canary Islands

In the Community of Madrid, it is being studied whether those confirmed in the region traveled to the Canary Islands and could be infected at private parties that were also attended by foreign citizens from countries such as the United Kingdom, where cases of monkeypox have grown in recent days. .

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“It’s what you’re looking for. If there is a link between the two foci; It is necessary to assess the dates of when the party took place in the Canary Islands, which is where it seems to start from and also in the Madrid area. Now it is the work of epidemiological surveillance; what the links are, what the contact is and above all to establish traceability to allow to stop now that it is the moment to do it, the transmission of the virus, “said the Madrid Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, yesterday in a public act .

England confirms local broadcast

The UK confirmed on Sunday that it is already seeing daily monkeypox infections unrelated to any travel to West Africa, where the disease is endemic, a British health security agency official said.

“We are finding cases that have no identified contact with a West African individual, which is what we have seen previously in this country,” said UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) chief medical adviser Susan Hopkins. “We are detecting more cases on a daily basis,” she added during an interview with the BBC.

The UKHSA said the new figures would be released on Monday, after recording 20 cases on Friday. Hopkins declined to confirm whether a person is in intensive care in the UK, but said the outbreak is concentrated in urban areas there, mainly among gay or bisexual men.

“The risk to the general population is still extremely low right now, and I think people need to be vigilant,” he said, adding that for most adults, symptoms would be “relatively mild.” The United Kingdom sounded the alarm on May 7, with a person who had recently traveled to Nigeria.

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