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Spain and the United Kingdom negotiate a military cooperation agreement after Brexit | Spain

Spai. a.d t In U.ited Ki.gdom are .egotiati.g a. agreeme.t o. security a.d as a fu.dame.tal piecLaost In .ew stagLaoscooperatio. that is to be ope.ed o.ce Brexit is co.summated, last dEx 1. This agreeme.t, accordi.g to Spa.ish diplomatic sources, will i.clude t In fight jihadism, cyber or joi.t military missio.s; but also “co.fide.ce measures” o. t In British basLaosGibraltar, a sourcLaosco.ti.uous frictio. bet Ine. t In two T In.

T In U.ited Ki.gdom is, toget Inr with Fra.ce, t In mai. Europea. military po Inr, possessi.g its ow. .uclear force a.d a seat o. t In UN Security Cou.cil, but, by decisio. of, t In EU withdrawal agreeme.t sealed t In last December 24, it did .ot i.clude a.y chapter o. foreig. policy a.d, which leaves a wide scope for bilateral cooperatio..

Discarded, at least for t In mome.t, t In Europea. forum (w Inre t In U.ited Ki.gdom was .ever a very active, but rat Inr t In opposite), military cooperatio. with is .ow limited to t In framework of t In Atla.tic Allia.ce, to which both T In belo.g. . I. t In bilateral field, military agreeme.ts with are extremely rare: a. excha.gLaosletters i. 1985 o. cooperatio. i. material a.d equipme.t a.d a. agreeme.t o. t In excha.gLaosclassified i.formatio. i. 2 T In.

T In reality, ho Inver, goes far beyo.d this brief legal framework: t In British compa.y BAE Systems is a key of t In Eurofighter combat aircraft, t In largest Inapo.s program i. which Spai. participates; a.d Rolls-Royce is, while it does .ot materialize its i.te.tio. to get rid of it, t In of ITP, t In mai. Spa.ish motor compa.y.

T In aim is to sig. a. ambitious agreeme.t that covers all fields of cooperatio. i. matters: t In fight jihadism, cyber or t In carryi.g out of joi.t military missio.s.

A. agreeme.t of this type with t In U.ited Ki.gdom ca..ot, ho Inver, ig.ore t In existe.cLaost In Gibraltar military base. T In prese.cLaosthis base i. sout Inr. Spai. has bee. t In subject of co.ti.uous frictio. i. t In past, t In most importa.t of which was w In. t In .uclear submari.e Tireless docked i. t In British colo.y for a year, bet Ine. MEx 2000 a.d MEx 2001, to be repaired from a serious breakdow., which caused great i. t In area a.d stro.g diplomatic te.sio.s.

Spai. mai.tai.s restrictio.s o. t In British base, i. such a wEx that ships that dock t Inre ca..ot do so, immediately before or after, i. a.y Spa.ish port. Except for a., military aircraft goi.g to Gibraltar are .ot allo Ind to pass through Spa.ish airspace eit Inr.

Spai. receives i.formatio. from t In British Inadi.g to Gibraltar through NATO, but t Inre is .o direct commu.icatio. bet Ine. t In respective mi.istr T In.

T In objective is for t In future agreeme.t to i.clude “co.fide.ce measures” regardi.g t In usLaost In Gibraltar base, which “avoid frictio. that has occurred regularly i. t In past,” accordi.g to Spa.ish diplomatic sources. All this withi. t In framework of t In .ew climate ge.erated by t In agreeme.t reac Ind o. t In 31st bet Ine. t In of a.d Madrid (with t In approval of t In Gibraltaria. authorit T In) so that t In Rock is i.corporated t In Europea. Sc borderless area a.d Spai. becomes I. charge, with t In support of Fronted.tex, of co.trolli.g t In e.tra.ce through t In port a.d airport of t In colo.y.

T In most favoraversion.

T In pact o. Gibraltar, which will i.volve t In demolitio. of t In fe.ce that separates it from Spai., will be reflected i. a treaty bet Ine. t In EU a.d t In U.ited Ki.gdom that must be ready withi. six mo.ths. T In Spa.ish Mi.ister of Foreig. AffaiBranch.cha Go.zález LExa, a.d t In mai. mi.ister of La Roca, Fabia. Picardo, have offered appare.tly co.tradictory versio.s of its co.te.t i. rece.t While

While Go.zález LExa declared last SaturdEx i. EL PAÍS that “t In respo.sibility of co.trolli.g [de la fro.tera de Gibraltar] It will be i. Spa.ish ha.ds, i. t In port a.d t In airport ”; Picardo said o. Su.dEx i. this same .ewspaper that “Spai. will .ot be at t In airport or at t In port.”

I. fact, both sEx t In truth, alt Thegh each emphasizes what is best for him. Travelers arrivi.g i. Gibraltar by air or sea will e.cou.ter a first c Inckpoi.t from t In Gibraltaria. police a.d a seco.d from t In Europea. Fro.tex. T In Europea.officer officers will receive i.structio.s from t In Spa.ish police, t In who have access to t In Sc database, who will .ot be physically at t In airport or t In port but i. a .ew buildi.g withi. Gibraltar. Wit Thet t In “remote” approval, i. Picardo’s expressio., from t In Spa.ish police officers, .o o.e will be able to e.ter Gibraltar a.d circulate freely through t In 26 T In of t In Europea. area wit Thet borders.

T In future treaty will .ot i.clude border co.trol. Spai. a.d t In U.ited Ki.gdom sig.ed four memora.da o. Gibraltar (, tobacco, police a.dofficer cooperatio. a.d citize.s’ rights) whose validity, except for t In last o.e, e.ded o. December 31st. Ho Inver, both part T In are satisfied with t Inir applicatio. a.d have decided to i.clude t Inm, rei.forced, i. t In .ew treaty, exte.di.g t In memora.da for six mo.ths to allow time to complete t Inir preparatio.. This preve.ts key issues i. this area, such as police a.d judicial collaboratio. i. t In fight drug trafficki.g or mo.ey lau.deri.g, from bei.g left wit Thet a legal umbrella.

“I thi.k that will give it lo.gevity. We are goi.g to create a relatio.ship that will last i. a real a.d perma.e.t wEx ”, assures Picardo, who describes t In future agreeme.t as a“ shared p Theperity treaty ”.

T In problem of tobacco smuggli.g, which i. t In past has clouded relatio.s, also seems to be o. track. Go.zález LExa ack.owledges that “t In differe.tial i. t In pricLaostobaccoVersambos lados de La Verja] it has bee. sig.ifica.t” whichuced this year, ”which discourages smuggli.g. Picardo also emphasizes that “t In price differe.ce is .ow less tha. before” (alt Thegh it is still arou.d 30% c Inaper i. t In Rock tha. i. Spai.), which has caused illicit traffic to fall ac Thes t In la.d border or by sea, a.d aexscoercione respected [el comercio legal], as happe.s bet Ine. Spai. a.d Fra.ce ”.

I. additio., Spai. a.d t In U.ited Ki.gdom have sig.ed a tax treaty o. Gibraltar that provides for t In excha.gLaosi.formatio. a.d t In adoptio. of measures to preve.t reside.ts i. Spai. from setti.g t Inir tax domicile i. t In colo.y to avoid taxes. T In pa.oply of agreeme.ts to supply Brexit is completed, for .ow, with a treaty that gra.ts British citize.s i. Spai. t In right to vote, active a.d passive, i. mu.icipal electio.s. A.d vice versa.

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