Saturday, November 27

Spain assaults Portugal and conquers the women’s European Championship for the sixth time in a row

  • Ricard Muñoz’s players defeated the hosts 5-3 in a grand final.

Spain this weekend prolonged its hegemony on the continent by conquering its 7th European in roller hockey, the sixth in a row. In the most complicated test, in the final played against the hostesses, Ricard Muñoz’s players once again exhibited their solidity and tumbaron to Portugal in Mealhada (5-3) in a grand finale. Spanish players are still infallible in Europe.

Despite the fact that two days before, in the league of the first phase, both teams had tied one goal in a more even match, the final had nothing to do with it, as the champions played a great game and they gagged the locals from the first minute.

Lightning start

Two consecutive goals from Aina Florenza and Laura Puigdueta They put the score at 2-0 after four minutes of play, a premonition that Portugal was out of action at the first change, and that Spain, with a powerful counterattack, was devastating in their plays.

The Asturian Sara Roces, European top scorer with 12 goals, and Marta Piquero, they increased with two goals plus the bright one shortly before the break, although Marlene sousa had time to reduce distances.

Portuguese combativeness

After the break, Portugal tried to take the reins of the party conscious that the victory was far away, and, after some dangerous occasions, Rita Batista, thanks to a shot from the edge of the area, he made it 4-2, answered almost immediately by Sara Roces.

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The Portuguese lived their best minutes in the last stretch of the match, putting in trouble Laura Vicente with a new goal, of Maria sofia, and a direct foul that failed Teixeira, but the scoreboard no longer moved and the title remained in the hands of the Spanish.

Spain, 5; Portugal, 3

Spain (4 + 1): Laura Vicente, Aina Florenza (1), Marta Piquero (1), Laura Puigdueta (1) and Anna Casarramona. Sara Roces (2), Ona Castellví, Berta Busquets, Marta Borràs also played.

Portugal (1 + 2): Maria Vieira, Maria Sofia (1), Ana Catarina, Sofia Moncovio and Marlene Sousa (1). Bia Figueiredo, Joana Teixeira, Raquel Santos and Rita Batista (1) also played.

Goals: 1-0 (m. 3), Aina Florenza; 2-0 (m. 4), Laura Puigdueta; 3-0 (m. 13), Sara Roces; 4-0 (m. 15), Marta Piquero; 4-1 (d. 22), Marlene Sousa; 4-2 (d. 34), Rita Batista; 5-2 (m. 35), Sara Roces; 5-3 (m. 42). Maria Sofia.

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