Thursday, October 21

Spain fails to snatch football gold from Brazil

The gold of Barcelona-92 continues to shine up there at the top, alone, without a new generation to accompany it to the top of Olympic football, a discipline in which Spain is, or should be, a powerhouse. But the greatest power is Brazil, the current champion, who revalidated the title obtained at his home in Maracanã five years ago.

Oyarzabal, through a spectacular volley, he equaled the goal scored by Matheus Cunha in added time in the first half. Bryan Gil finished off the crossbar in the second half (minutes after Richarlison did it, who also missed a penalty in the first half), but Malcom, the former Blue Malcom, who stayed only one season at the Camp Nou (2018-19), executed the Spanish cadre.

He left Malcom at the beginning of extra time to overwhelm the band, as had been a constant throughout the match, since that was Brazil’s plan, and they ran for a cross ball in a counterattack launched by Reinier. He went to the joint crossing with Jesús Vallejo, the Madrid defender, fresh like him. De la Fuente was trying to neutralize the idea of ​​his Brazilian colleague.

Shoulder to shoulder, he came out the winner of the clash and faced Unai Simón, whom he beat as a satin, turning into a myth to Dani Alves, the most awarded footballer on the planet, that he wanted to add Olympic gold to the record. That’s why he lined up in the Japanese adventure at 38, doubling the age of Pedri, for example, who finished 120 minutes of his 73rd game of the season. Alves (43 trophies) can only be reached Lionel Messi, wherever he goes to play after leaving Barça. For both, Pedri too, of course, the next international appointment of Qatar-2022 awaits them. The World Cup is the only thing that Alvés is missing. At three.

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Data sheet

Brazil: Santos (6); Alves (7), Nino (6), Diego Carlos (6), Arana (7); Antony (7), Douglas Luiz (6), Bruno (7), Claudinho (4); Richardison (7), Wedge (6).

Technical: André Jardine.

Changes: Malcolm (6) for Cunha (d. 91); Reinier (sc) de Claudinho (m. 105); Antony’s Boy (sc) (m-. 112); Paulinho sc) by Richarlison (d. 114)

Spain: Unai Simon (5); OR. Gil (5), Eric (6), Pau Torres (7), Cucurella (5); Merino (4), Zubimendi (5), Pedri (6); Asensio (3), Oyarzabal (8), Olmo (7).

Technical: Luis de la Fuente.

Changes: Soler (7) for Merino (d. 46); Bryan Gil (7) for Asensio (m. 46); Vallejo (4) by Ó. Gil (m. 91); Miranda (6) by Cucurella (m. 91); Rafa Mir (s. C) for Oyarzabal; Moncayola (sc) by Zubimendi (m. 112).

Goals: 0-1 (m. 45 + 2), Cunha. 1-1 (m 60), Oyarzabal. 1-2 (m. 109), Malcom.

Referee: Chris Beath, Australian.

Cards: Arana, Eric, Richarlison, Cunha, Douglas Luiz, Bryan Gil.

Stadium: Yokohama.

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