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Spain gives itself time for Morocco to reflect and stop subordinating the entire relationship to the Shara


The Government reiterates that its position on the former colony has not changed

Protest against Ghali before the National Court this Tuesday.
Protest against Ghali before the National Court this Tuesday.Sergio PrezREUTERS
  • Profile Brahim Ghali: old enemy of colonial Spain at the center of the diplomatic clash between Madrid and Rabat
  • government Spain expels the Algerian plane that came to pick up Ghali for not having permission

Morocco’s recognition that the reason for the deterioration of its relations with Espaa It is his position on the Shara, something that until now he has tried to hide, he perpetuates the crisis between the two countries as something unsolvable. The Spanish position on this territory – consolidated over the years – will not change, despite the fact that the United States has endorsed the Moroccan sovereignty.

The government’s messages in this regard have been constant. This Tuesday, in an appearance at the Senate, the Secretary of State of Spain Global, Manuel Muiz, he repeated it: We have transferred it publicly and privately to our Moroccan counterparts. It is the same position on Shara – support for a negotiated solution between Morocco and the Polisario Front-, he explained, that our European partners have and, moreover, we have not changed.

This means that the conflict will continue as long as Morocco insists on focusing its interlocution with Espaa. In the Government, the feeling is that little can be done at this time. Try to reduce tension, build bridges and continue highlighting that Morocco is a strategic partner, the sources consulted indicate.

And wait for Rabat to understand that it cannot subordinate the entire relationship with Spain to Shara, because many other issues are at stake. In economic matters, our country is its first client, its first supplier and its third investor, and the EU it is the leading donor in development cooperation. And Morocco is fundamental to the control of immigration and jihadism. That is why the Spanish position is to continue collaborating on other matters and leave the question of Shara aside.

Because, in addition, the reflection within the Executive is that nothing will change if Spain advances to a pro-Moroccan position because the Polisario Front would continue there and the Sahrawis would continue to live in this territory.

With these arguments they cling to the search for a solution agreed with the mediation of the HIM-HER-IT. This Tuesday in the Foreign Committee, Muiz recalled the support of all parliamentary groups, with the exception of Vox, for a motion from last March that demanded a new special envoy from the United Nations to resume permanent and credible negotiations. This, he said, could have been written by the Ministry itself.

But there is a certain fear that the idea that Spain will have to change its position to satisfy Morocco will catch on.

While waiting for new movements, in Rabat they believe that right now the crisis has no way out because everything is blocked. Although they have turned the page in welcoming the leader of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali, and they no longer care that I return to Algeria – last week they threatened to totally break relations if the courts did not act against him – they interpret Spain’s gesture as an attack on its conception as a State, which includes, of course, the Shara.

A new communiqué from the interior and foreign ministries accused Spain of using the migration crisis as an alibi, without assuming any participation in the arrival of thousands of immigrants to Ceuta, many of them minor. The letter made no reference to Ghali and his imminent return to Algeria, despite known attempts to transfer him.

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