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Spain grows great in madness




After an afternoon of madness, an afternoon that will remain forever, Spain became great in madness, classified for the quarterfinals and more united than ever, as they say that the best teams emerge from adversity. That of the Parken was an incomprehensible evening, so difficult to relate that not even the embarrassing cante of Unai Simon It weighs more than everything that happened afterwards, which was a lot. The selection reacted to the gift with moments of lucidity, Croatia took the fight to extra time when the flights to Saint Petersburg were closed and in overtime, with the Balkans smelling blood, Spain was reborn with a goal from Morata, what things. On Friday he will play the quarterfinals and his Eurocup, as it all started, is already quite worthy, especially with a triumph like this so full of emotion. Because Spain, mainly, needed that, to excite its people and be on the front page again. And it is on its own merits despite the fact that the worst was sensed with that failure of Simon, the failure of each tournament.

Before the soponcio, Spain completed the best minutes of this European Championship, lit up in an interesting staging with the strange changes of Luis Enrique. The Asturian will know something else, that is why he is the coach of a country to which 47 million are opposed for that position, but he powerfully drew the attention that Alba would be seated so that Gayà played and also the modifications in the attack, with Sarabia and Ferran by bands with the undisputed Morata, always a starter despite his continued anger with the goal. The fact is that the team managed in those twenty minutes to rescue some scenes of that good Spain, fast in circulation, also willing to go from time to time the shortest way to the goal without the need to put the sheep to sleep, very attentive on pressure after losing the ball. All these concepts now have more pretentious terms for the experts, but it is nothing more than playing football well from an inalienable premise such as having the ball. As Croatia did not want it either, its declaration of intentions exaggerated by mounting two very close lines to the point of resembling those of a table football, things turned out well for Spain, except that the goal of the goal is still a childbirth. Koke, after a stupendous pass from Pedri in verticalOne that can never be missed failed, a meek shot against Livakovic when he had everything at will, and then Morata’s every afternoon would arrive, who finished off a Ferran center so badly that he only had the consolation of asking for a penalty because the ball touched Vida’s hand. He was going away, and the occasion was very clear. Everything was going well, he liked Spain at the Parken and he was even motivated by the passion of the numerous Croatian fans, most of them in the central streets of hot Copenhagen, even that was rare. And suddenly, Unai Simón.

It is almost incomprehensible and as difficult to explain his blunder as the Slovak goalkeeper was last Wednesday at La Cartuja, it may be even more ridiculous. Pedri had the ball in the center of the field and it was not too much, but he considered it a good idea to start again, to return to the starting box. It is true that he sent a melonazo to Simón, but everything, absolutely everything, falls on the goal, who tried to control with so much bad luck that, directly, he did not. He did not even need to look at his cave, he knew it was a goal and that he became part of the black legend of Spain along with Cardeñosa, Arconada, Zubizarreta or Salinas. Luis Enrique, its main supporter, he flogged himself with a bottle on the bench, often sing.

Sarabia gives life

To Spain that negligence felt fatal and he wandered for about ten minutes like a headless chicken across the grass, which was not a carpet in Denmark either. He passed his burdens and Modric, a great play without it being necessary to say more about him, made his troops dance for that little while, more proud and competitive than talented. Vlasic and Kovacic warned while the national team was still groggy, although they had enough to stay on their feet and catch their breath. He returned to his origins from possession and found oxygen before the break with Sarabia’s draw, undoubtedly the best news of the tournament. After a long play, Gayà, who must also be recognized for his good afternoon, shot hard and Lakovic’s save ended at the feet of the PSG striker, who hit him with his soul to correct Spain. You can understand the euphoria of Luis Enrique after all of the above, what less. By the way, Rebic left his people in inferiority in that action because he was changing his boots, to see it.

He had a restorative effect that goal and completely changed the scene in the restart, where Spain was again more Spain. He gained in confidence to the point of relying on Unai Simón to build, perhaps a more unnecessary risk of the account, and Croatia was turning off the lights while consuming his little gasoline, too much only Modric to invent another miracle . In that passage, and after another good appearance by Pedri, a Ferran center ended with a great header from Azpilicueta, another who must be awarded a prize for his performance beyond the goal.

Paradoxically, the advantage did not help Spain at all, determined to complicate her life by taking the ball from her goal. It was also foreseeable that Croatia would be given an honor of dignity and had two very clear opportunities, both resolved by Unai Simón (although the second was offside) in a kind of apology and redemption. Luis Enrique moved the tree, the team needed him, and finally he saw himself in Saint Petersburg with the third goal, the work of Ferran Torres after Pau Torres was smarter than anyone when he put the ball on him while the Balkans looked the other way and Gvardiol, the side of that side, was coming back from having a drink, also to see him. There, yes, the bench exploded and even Unai Simón changed his face, absolute happiness in a Spain that was already seen in the quarterfinals.

Anyway, it is impossible to have a quiet time with Spain, there is not even five minutes of peace. Could sentence Dani Olmo, but immediately after the second would arrive from Croatia, the work of Orsic in a huge noise and with the tip of the clock, which indicated to the referee that Unai took her from within. Croatia, perhaps the country that is most overturned by its flag, pride shot to infinity, wanted to die with dignity and what it did was come back to life with the tie in the 93rd minute, a goal by Pasalic after a cross from Orsic on the side that happened to defend Alba in that way when he was injured Gayà. Extension, an epilogue that nobody counted on, not even the Croatian ultras who had already had enough of launching their beer minis with total impunity and who invaded the field so hot.

The extension was crazy, it couldn’t be less. Spain languished, dazed with so much change, and Orsic was a nightmare. He alone armed the cue and Unai Simón definitively signed his own pardon with a pardon, but a real pardon, before a point-blank shot from Kramaric. There was the Croatian glory and also that of Spain, who reacted with a first warning before the sentence. Morata, in a bullfighting plan, scored a great goal and Oyarzabal, on the contrary, scored the fifth (Dani Olmo attended both). There were more options to score, but it was good. In madness, Spain flies to quarters.

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