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Spain has increased the monthly vaccination rate by 63% since the start of the campaign




Spain has managed to obtain a average monthly increase in vaccination rate of 63.2% since the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine was inoculated on Sunday, December 27, 2020. The acceleration in recent months in the immunization process coincides with an 85% drop in deaths compared to February.

Spain has set itself the goal of reaching the 70% of the Spanish population immunized at the end of the summer. In fact, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has made it clear that this milestone is possible, going so far as to assert that by the end of August there will be 33 million people vaccinated. Other goals that the chief executive has set is that Spain will have reached ten million immunized people by the end of June and 25 million by the middle of July.

The Government has acquired 93,509,245 doses for the first three months of the year, almost half of which are from Pfizer / BioNtech (43,955,845), which would allow, if the commitments made by the pharmaceutical companies are fulfilled, to achieve the planned objective.

In Spain, a total of 25,745,178 doses have been administered until May 27. In this way, 18.2% of Spaniards are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, with 8,614,678 people fully immunized.

In addition, 17,487,591 individuals have received at least one dose, 36.9% of the population, according to official data from the Ministry of Health collected by Servimedia.

The rate of vaccination has been increasing gradually as a result of the few vaccines available – Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca – and the non-compliance in the distribution of doses by the antidote developed by the University of Oxford from the beginning of the vaccination process until the present.

Acceleration of vaccination

It was not until the second quarter of the year when vaccination was accelerated as a result of the greater production capacity of the laboratories and the arrival of a fourth vaccine. that of Janssen, which has the advantage of being a single dose.

Despite the initial slowness in the vaccination rate, Spain has been able to achieve an average monthly increase in the vaccination rate of 63.2% since the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine was inoculated on Sunday, December 27, 2020.

Thus, in January a total of 1,474,189 doses were inoculated, a figure that rose to 2,131,446 in February, 44.58% more. In March, 4,429,525 injections were reached, which translated into the highest percentage increase in monthly terms reached to date: 107.82%.

In April, a total of 8,329,435 doses were administered, 88.04% more than in the previous month, while 9,380,583 vaccines have been inoculated so far in May, 12.62% more than the previous month. .

For its part, the monthly sequence of people to whom a dose of the vaccine was inoculated is 1,251,369 in January, 1,316,248 in February, 3,139,833 in March, 6,488,629 in April and 5,291,512 until May 27, although the daily rate of half a million vaccines suggests that tomorrow, Monday, the figure will be far exceeded.

Regarding people with the complete vaccination schedule, the evolution has been 357,892 in January, 903,956 in February, 1,579,300 in March, 2,272,450 in April and 3,501,080 in May.

Contagions and deceased

At the same time that the vaccination rate grows In Spain, deaths from Covid-19 are falling sharply. In total there have been a total of 3,668,658 cases and 79,905 deaths registered by coronavirus since the pandemic began in Spain, according to the last daily part of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies.

However,Since the start of the vaccination campaign, the daily increase in infections has stabilized, while the death rate has been moderating since the first dose was inoculated on December 27.

In the case of infections, the trend is not as marked as in the case of deaths due to the slow rate of initial vaccination since a good part of the population, except for a few specific segments (elderly people and health personnel), is not yet protected. To this must be added that all the autonomous communities have relaxed the restrictions in the last month and that since the end of the state of alarm, mobility limitations in the country have almost completely disappeared.

However, Spain has been a month, since last April 27, with a downward evolution in the cumulative incidence of coronavirus cases per hundred thousand inhabitants in 14 days, a figure that has gone from 232.86 on that date to the current 124.34.

Thus, the country began the year with 1,958,844 infections, being January the month in which the most infected people were registered (863,961). Since then, the rate has stabilized, as witnessed by the fact that there were 381,726 infections in February; in March, 86,863; in April, 249,036; and so far in May, 371,782.

For its part, the death toll during the pandemic has dropped significantly since the beginning of the vaccination process. Spain started 2021 with 28,715 deaths. Since then, the trend has dropped notably, as evidenced by the fact that there were 8,003 deaths in January; in February, 10,528; in March, 5,932; in April, 2,752; and in May, so far, 1,500.

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