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Spain is the European country where fuels rise the most




Spain is, together with Germany, the country in where prices have risen the most this May compared to May 2020. Specifically, 23.42% more is paid for gasoline, and 21.24% more for diesel.

If we compare the prices of the five large countries of the Eurozone with respect to the beginning of March 2020, before the restrictions, gasoline 95 has been, on average, 5.71% more expensive in May 2021 and diesel, a 3.77%. Namely, not only have prepandemic prices recovered, but they have also exceeded.

According to the data provided by
With the prices of the Oil Bulletin of the European Commission, there have been strong increases in Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the Netherlands. On average, in these countries, 95 gasoline has been 5.71% more expensive in May 2021 compared to last March 2, 2020, when these countries had not yet suffered restrictions on mobility. When it comes to diesel, this is 3.77% more expensive than before the pandemic.

In Germany you are currently paying 12.01% more for super 95 gasoline than before the restrictions and 11.67% for diesel. At the opposite pole are the French, who currently pay slightly less for diesel than in 2020 (-0.2%) and 2.11% more for gasoline.

In Spain, gasoline costs 4.01% more and diesel 1.67%. For their part, in Italy and the Netherlands, gasoline 95 prices have increased by 3.23% and 1.43%, and by 7.2% and 4.32% in the case of diesel, respectively. If we compare the current prices with those of exactly one year ago, Spaniards pay 23.42% more for gasoline and 21.24% for diesel.

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On May 25, 2020, the price of a liter of super 95 was € 1.09 and that of diesel was € 1, compared to this past May 24, when it stood at € 1.35 / liter for gasoline and at € 1.21 / liter for diesel. To get an idea, if in May 2020 it cost to fill a 55-liter tank about € 59.95 in the case of gasoline and € 55 in the case of diesel. Currently we pay about € 74.25 and € 66.55 respectively.

In Germany, the CO2 tax for transport has shaken the market during 2021 and brought gasoline prices close to those of its French neighbors. At the beginning of the year, the Germans had to face increases of 8.66% and 10.25% overnight. Currently they pay € 1.54 for a liter of gasoline 95 and € 1.34 for one of diesel, that is, 26.48% and 27.13% more than a year ago.

In France, the increase compared to May 2020 stands at 19.83% and 18.01% for super 95 and diesel. Prices on May 24 were € 1.52 / liter for gasoline and € 1.39 / liter for diesel. On the other hand, in Italy and the Netherlands it is less pronounced. In the case of the transalpine country, the super 95 stood at € 1.52, 16.33% more than 12 months ago, and diesel at € 1.45 (+ 15.62%). Meanwhile, in the Netherlands motorists now pay € 1.77 for gasoline and € 1.40 for diesel, 17.45% and 16.76%.

With everything, Spain is still the cheapest country in which to refuel from the five major economies of the Eurozone. From March 2020 until today, restrictions on mobility in Europe brought with them sharp drops in prices. In the case of Spain, the historical cheapest price was in the weeks of May 4 and 11, 2020. In those two weeks, € 1.07 was paid for a liter of gasoline and 98 cents for a liter of diesel. Since then, prices have been gradually rising, although they remained relatively stable from the second half of July to the beginning of November. As of the end of November, a new price escalation began until today.

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