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Spain is the sixth most advanced European country in vaccination

A health worker vaccinates a woman against covid-19.

A health worker vaccinates a woman against covid-19.
A. Pérez Meca – Europa Press

The vaccination campaign against covid-19 This Thursday celebrates five months with 25,280,864 inoculated doses, with which it has been achieved immunize almost 18% of the population, figures with which Spain becomes the sixth European country with the most advanced strategy.

In mid-April, the report of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) placed Spain behind ten countries in immunized population, so that in recent weeks it has advanced significantly to rank sixth in regarding the administration of the complete vaccination regimen (behind Hungary, Malta, Iceland, Denmark and Lithuania). But talking about first doses inoculated, Spain has downgraded from 7th to 12thAccording to the latest report from this body dated May 16, although always within the European average.

These five months of campaign have passed between lights and shadows, and of them, the last two have been key to the launch of the plan with the arrival of new and large shipments of vaccines after long weeks of great shortage of supplies, especially by the breaches of AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical company that is now in legal dispute with the European Commission and has been relegated from the European strategy against Pfizer. In addition, the Spanish campaign has had moments of great uncertainty, including the stop vaccination with AstraZeneca for the detection of rare cases of thrombi and the changes of criteria for their administration.

This is the situation that especially affects essential professionals under 60 years vaccinated with a first injection of this serum, who now have to face a second injection from Pfizer with the confusion that this entails. Janssen also suffered a distribution stoppage to study atypical thrombi, setbacks in the Government’s forecasts of increasing vaccination every week to reach three million punctures in 7 days.

Although there have been 5 months of campaign with asymmetry in the criteria and controversies between some autonomous communities and the Ministry, the objective of all is to immunize 33 million people (70% of the population) by the end of August and walk towards relative normality. The latest Health report indicates that there are currently 17,187,731 people with some inoculated dose, 36.2% of the population, and 8,434,233 immunized with the complete vaccine, 17.8% of citizens.

To reach the Executive’s goal, there are 25 million citizens to be immunized and just over three months ahead, in which immunity should be achieved monthly for approximately 8.3 million people. The vaccination reports of the Ministry of Health show that in the last month, that is, from April 26 to May 26, slightly more than 4.3 million people have been immunized with the full schedule and, So far, this has been the period in which it has accelerated the most.

What if it seems easy is to arrive at the end of August with 70% of the population vaccinated with at least one dose and, therefore, with some shield to protect against the coronavirus, a figure that can be widely exceeded with the current rate punctures. Although the month of April marked the launch of vaccination in Spain – more than 8 million inoculated doses – it was not until the first week of May when the record weekly figure of 2.7 million punctures, an amount that, for now, has not been exceeded.

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