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Spain leads the classifications of the 470 class in the World Cup



The Spanish Olympic sailing team continues to demonstrate its high potential in the 470 World Championship, in which the two crews, male and female, lead their respective classifications after a difficult day, marked by the instability of the wind that was losing intensity to throughout the day.

There have been two tests disputed today for the three fleets of 470, released with a new first place from Xammar and Rodríguez, while Mas and Cantero were worth a sixth to take the lead of the provisional female.

In the second of the day the men’s team suffered with the windy conditions and added a 19 that passed to the discard, without their immediate pursuers, the Swedes Dahlberg and Bergström, being able to hunt him down on the table having suffered the same complications in the regatta previous. Jordi Xammar summed up the singularity of the day confirming that “It was a complex day, the first regatta went well, but the second was very complicated. The dirt wind is difficult and it was very unstable, between 6 and 10 knots but very shifty.”

Xammar and Rodríguez
Xammar and Rodríguez

Silvia Mas and Patricia Cantero closed the day in a brilliant way and reaped their second first of the championship, confirming themselves as leaders with three points of advantage over the French Lecointre and Retornaz.

The euphoria of the leadership does not cloud the view of Patricia Cantero, who, putting rationality first, affirms that “this is a day to day. We have not competed for a year, trained alone or with some crews, and this World Championship allows us to measure ourselves and see where we are, in addition to getting back into practice and managing the pressure. Today there have been many changes in the intensity of the wind, a super physical day, and being able to get to the front of the group and lead is not easy, but we had a very cold mind and in the second race we were able to go full throttle. The truth is that today I am exhausted; I’m going to the head physio and see tomorrow “.

Regarding the importance of this championship, Jordi Xammar states forcefully that “The day the Olympics ends, this World Cup will be worth nothing, but at this point, and just over three months after the Tokyo Games, it is a litmus test for everyone. There is only one option: to win.”

The young Mixed crews continue to keep Spain in the World Top10, with a tenth place for the Canaries Patricia Reino and Pablo García, first classified of the three teams that compete in Portuguese waters.

Europeo RS:X

The low wind dampened the premiere of the RS: X European Championship, in which only one test could be played after which Spain appears in the Top5 of both divisions, with a fourth place from Ángel Granda and a fifth from Blanca Manchón. The Committee gave the start of a second test that had to be canceled due to the fall of the wind. The second classified Spanish of the men’s pre-Olympic team, Sergi Escandell, also leaves the Spanish flag high with a sixth place. Iván Pastor is 14, Tomás Vieito 23, Joan Carles Cardona 24 and Juan Manuel Moreno 29.

Our athletes prepared from the morning to distinguish the meteorological scenario in which they would navigate, in which it was essential to interpret the signals from the environment to distinguish the expected meteorological scenario. For tomorrow, the thermal breeze appears to be the most likely situation for all scheduled tests.

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