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Spain meets Portugal again and will fight for bronze in the European futsal

  • Fede Vidal’s team went ahead 0-2, but ended up surrendered to the push of the Portuguese, their executioner in the last two appointments

  • “Bruno Coelho’s penalty goal has brought us ghosts”, recognizes Sergio Lozano

Portugal has become the black beast of the Spanish futsal team. The team of Faith Vidal squandered a two-goal lead (3-2) in the European semifinals and will have to fight for bronze against Ukrainewho lost to Russia a game with a lot of curiosity but played without any kind of shock. Spain has been on the podium in the 11 editions held so far (7 golds, 2 silvers and 2 bronzes).

Spain had a bad memory of Portugal, his executioner in extra time in the last continental final and also in the quarterfinals of last year’s World Cup. Quite an advanced final that He turned his face after 17 seconds with a goal from Raúl Gómez to a pass from Sergio Lozano. Unbeatable start.

Portugal did not hesitate to throw themselves into attack, but the best defense of the tournament resisted, sometimes with help, as an action in which Pany Varela he fired twice in succession at the stick. Spain drained water and was adding faults. He committed the fifth with 8:40 to play, but when things looked worse, the 0-2 came. Mellado took a lateral free kick towards Chinese, which was seen without a mark and did not care about the distance. He fired and André Sousa couldn’t react in time, covered by several players.

The ghosts”

But two goals of advantage with Portugal are not a guarantee of anything. In the World Cup in Lithuania, Spain also went 2-0 up and the match ended 2-4 after extra time. Before the break, the Portuguese team hit the woodwork again and after the break they continued to push a Spain that suffered, lost the ball too much and lived one step further behind with each passing minute.

As a result of that insistence, Portugal closed the gap with a penalty transforming by Bruno Coelho. bad omen. The final of the last European was already decided against Spain with a six meter throw from the FF Napoli player. That bad memory went through the minds of the Spaniards (“it has brought us ghosts,” Lozano acknowledged) when, 1 minute and 14 seconds later, Zicky Tea He tied the score with a whiplash after dizzying his marker in the front.

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Zicky Tea, differential

Only the hammer blow of the tie pushed Spain out of its corner and went in search of a victory that, however, would fall to the Portuguese side with another goal from Zicky Té (who had already scored against Barça in the Champions League final), this time finishing off almost unintentionally with the pubis a shot of a colleague. The imposing player of Sporting Lisbon, champion in the last year of the League, the Cup and the Portuguese Super Cup, the Champions League and the World Cup With his national team, he sentenced Portugal to the final.

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Spain, who had only conceded four goals in the entire tournament, had 1.19 minutes to look for a tie, but the blow had already been definitive. “it’s a disappointmentwe came wanting to do something nice, something big, because the line was very good, but in the second half we were not able to hold the score,” explained Lozano. “They wanted to go further and we were not able to counteract his momentum. We were more aware of not giving away occasions that continue playing“, he acknowledged.

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