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Spain recommends that its citizens leave Burma in the face of escalating violence


Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States also ask their nationals to leave the country due to the increase in murders during the protests

A woman cries at the funeral of her son, killed in protests, in Rang
A woman cries at the funeral of her son, killed in the protests, in Rangn.EFE
  • Burma Burmese exodus: more than 3,000 flee to Thailand and a thousand to India
  • Asia Burma, reign of terror and blood: “Soldiers are shooting children”

Burmese soldiers brought the decade of democratic transition to an abrupt end in a country that seeks to leave behind the almost 60 years that they were under the yoke of a military dictatorship. What came after we have seen many times throughout history: a people who take to the streets to regain their freedom and some soldiers who repress the protests by shooting to kill. Since the coup on February 1, at least 510 civilians have died.

More and more international voices are coming out publicly calling for the UN security council to intervene in Burma. The situation is getting worse: The protesters are not afraid and continue to come out to demand the restoration of the democratic system while the military continues to kill them. Thousands of people are fleeing to neighboring countries, starting what may be a massive movement of new refugees, and guerrillas that control several regions threaten to confront the military, which could lead to a civil war.

Therefore, with the foreseeable escalation of violence that is yet to come, many countries are asking their citizens to leave the country as soon as possible. This has been done, for example, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain in a statement. “In the event that you are currently in Myanmar (as the former Burma is currently known): it is recommended to leave the country as soon as possible, making use of the available flights to leave Myanmar”, says the message. “Episodes of violence are expected to continue to escalate significantly in the coming days and weeks. in the main cities of the country, and especially in Yangn (Rangn) “, he continues.

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According to EFE, before the military coup, the nation of Southeast Asia resided 90 Spanish, but many will have already left the country. “The execution of unarmed civilians, including children, by the police and the army is intolerable and unjustifiable. The Myanmar army has become the enemy of the people it claimed to defend “Reads another statement issued last Sunday by the Embassy of Spain in Burma.

The letter came just one day after the bloodiest day of protests that left 114 dead, including a five-year-old boy, according to the Association for Assistance for Political Prisoners (AAPP), the only organization that is reporting data on the number of people murdered every day of protests. As well as all the politicians arrested after the military coup, ms the 2,600, among them the overthrown leader of the civil government, Aung San Suu Kyi.

Stability in Southeast Asia

Other countries such as Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia have also asked their citizens to leave the country. “The world is radically underestimating how much the situation in Burma could deteriorate, with the prospect of thousands of deaths and an exodus of refugees “, Kevin Rudd, former Australian Prime Minister, warned in an interview today.

The Global Leadership Foundation, a group of 45 former high-level leaders or ministers, including Rudd, former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark and former Australian Foreign Minister Gareth Evans, have written to the UN Secretary General , Antnio Guterres, to argue that the world has a “responsibility to protect” the people from Burma. Guterres spoke out urging the coup generals to stop the murders and the repression of the demonstrations.

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“They have known freedom, they do not want to give it back to the junta. For the region, if Burma continues to degenerate in terms of security, there will be a large outflow of refugees, and we are already beginning to see that, what affect the stability and security of Southeast Asia y ms all”, contina Rudd.

Thailand expels Burmese refugees

In late February, in the mountain villages of Mizoram, a region of India that shares a 404-kilometer border with Burma, groups of Burmese policemen fleeing of the orders of the military junta to fire on the protesters. Hundreds of ethnic Chin citizens also came out, residing on the Burmese side of the border.

On Sunday, the day after two military planes bombed a village in Karen, in the southeast of the country, more than 3,000 people took refuge in Thailand. However, on Tuesday, the Thai military expelled the refugees they had crossed into Burma, including some 1,100 minors, according to a spokeswoman for the Karen Women’s Organization told EFE. In that region is the National Karen Union (KNU) militia, who have warned that they will face the military coup plotters.

Burma has the peculiarity of having more than twenty armed groups that control some territories and that for decades they faced the same military junta that has retaken control of the country. One of the main protest groups against the military regime, the General Strike Committee of Nationalities (GSCN), this week called on armed ethnic groups to “collectively protect the people, youth, women, children and the elderly who oppose to the military government. “

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