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It does not take a squirrel to understand the reasons why the independence partners of the PSOE do not take advantage of this unique moment to demand an independence referendum. Looting is much more profitable. Now let there be regions willing to swallow another twist of the autonomic-extractive system without question is something that needs to be explained with a great deal of psychosocial finesse. Possibly it has to do with complexes generated by being poorer than another, with whom you live, for too long. The service personnel, that Andalusian maid, for example, so popular in Catalonia, internalizes their subordinate status. It is the result of long enduring a position of inferiority with respect to others who tell you that you are poorer because you are dumber, because you belong to an inferior race, mixed with Semitic or Mongolian elements, what would I say Pompey January. The great Jorge Puyol He said that Andalusians are unstructured beings. This doesn’t seem to make anyone blush today. That the races that believe themselves superior to entrench themselves in their miserable arguments, it is understood. What is not understood is what “the unstructured” do, those of the lower level in the Multilevel space of Sanchism.

The problem of racism in Spain is very serious and shameful. He always is, but here he also enjoys a letter of marque. The proof is that there are several fathers of the autonomous country who have published openly racist texts and are honored as heroes year after year. Such a thing would not be permissible in any Western country today. We don’t just refer to the classics as Sabino Arana. Galicianism is not lagging behind and has been assumed by the PP as if it were a religion since the time of Manuel Fraga, Franco’s minister before king of the Galician taifa. Ace, we can read on Eduardo Pondal, father of the Galician country: We are Alans / and Celts and Swabians, / but not Castilians. / We are Galicians. / You will be Iberians, you will be from the devil; / we are from the Celts. / we are Galicians.

This is said to show, in case someone hadn’t noticed, that The problem of Balkanization that Spain suffers, the PP will not fix it. This is a tremendously complex cross-cutting problem that affects Spain in Europe and Hispano-America on the other side of the Atlantic. Our nationalisms are the indigenisms in Hispano-America.

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Much of the argumentation that serves as ammunition to the process of Balkanization He leaves the black legend and not a week goes by in which a new stitch does not appear in such a thick mantle. Some ago, someone who occupies an important institutional position compared the Constitutional Court with that of the Inquisition. Until August 31, an exhibition could be seen in the Palacio de Cristal in which the 17 autonomous communities trapped in the Spanish colonial regime were represented by means of 17 metaphorically fallen columns: “With this work we are invited to reposition our gaze , demand another perception of spatiality and carry out a different reading of the context that allows the imperialist past of Spain to be threaded with the reality of the colonial power that is exercised in the present over the various nations that comprise it “. Spain is an oppressive colonial power. In case anyone hadn’t understood why the furious attacks my work has received, here is the answer: The argumentation of the black legend is today more necessary than ever to various political forces for which the comparison of that inquisitor Spain and this one of now is essential. Furthermore, that Spain must be equated with that of today, and all this must be amalgamated with the Franco regime and the right wing. All rolled or it does not work. Signed below Reina Sofa National Art Center Museum, Government of Spain, Ministry of Culture and Santander Foundation. The hard core of financial and political power.

However, who presides over that oppressive colonial power, why not try to make it stop being so? And the same goes for those who support that government and who are supposedly anti-colonial. Or is it not? Are they just bluffs? You really shouldn’t kill the goose that lays the golden eggs? Just grog her a little to keep paying?

The Pope Bergoglio he thinks the same and does not hide it. And a lot of people believe it. The damage that the Generalitat has done to Spain’s reputation is immense. They have been put to good use and can be proud of what they have achieved. After all, multilevel Spain will come to pay the bill. It means that this whole festival has been paid by you, Andalusian or Canarian friend, from the lower level in the multilevel, with your taxes.

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This is the situation we have. Greater indignity does not fit. It can fall lower, but it is difficult. And from here you have to come out with courage and imagination. Everything is preferable to perpetuating this state of affairs. Possibly Since the time of Ferdinand VII, Spain has not gone through a period of such immorality in public life, from so much debasement. And, please, those who still attend the capacity of judgment, get out of your comfort zone: this is not fixed by a victory of the PP if it did or could occur – which is quite doubtful – for many reasons. Among them, the clerical dependence and the harsh regionalism that they inherited from Carlism. The PP is as much part of the problem as the PSOE. Each in his own way, but both dig in the same hole.

In 2017 I published in this newspaper an article entitled The day after in which he asked for a referendum of self-determination. I then said to Susana Daz that he had homework. Now I tell Juanma Moreno. Neither Andalusian nor Extremadura, nor Canaries nor Murcian, nor La Mancha, nor Castilian, nor Aragonese … we deserve that Multilevel space. If a referendum was necessary then, it is now more than ever. Spain needs to legitimize its existence or not survive as a political nation. And that can only be achieved at the polls. The referendum is not only necessary, it is vital. Not a referendum to the Catalan, which was made so that a good fuss would be mounted and provoke what it provoked: the delegitimization of Spain in the whole world. Things have to be done well and for this a constitutional reform is needed to make this referendum possible and legal. We must demand this reform in self-defense.

The Multilevel space sanchismo is the perpetuation of the asymmetric regime that has prevented Spanish democracies from stabilizing. It is the system with which Cnovas appeased the Carlists. This first Basque economic agreement (1878) was renewed by Franco in 1937 due to the support received. And it is the same as the Constitution of 78 maintained. The only and true Fundamental Law of Spain since the Carlist wars taught the reactionary gentlemen how to acquire and maintain privileges in the face of the dangers that came from liberal Andalusia and its Cadiz Constitution. That the word liberal It was born in Cdiz and then it was exported to the whole world (including the English language) it is ignored by the majority. What Andalusia has paid for this, the Andalusians know. From being the richest region to being the poorest. Emigration, underdevelopment; millions of Andalusians spread around the world. An industrial revolution thoroughly shattered to make the northern one profitable. Against this, Andaluca has responded with unwavering loyalty to the national project.

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Around 1630, write Quevedo: In Navarra and Aragon there is no one who pays a real, / Catalonia and Portugal are of the same opinion. / Only Castilla y Len and the noble Andalusian people / They carry the cross.

The thing, as you can see, comes from afar. But it does not matter. We continue to be faithful to the national project, but that project has always happened and continues to happen through Cdiz, because it is that of the equality of all Spaniards regardless of their origin. The Asymmetric space of Carlism, the Multilevel space sanchismo debases us. This national project is not worth it. It is necessary to reform the Constitution and call a referendum so that whoever wants to leave. Quietly. But above all, and this is what is truly important, so that those of us who stay will do so on an equal footing. Only then can we regain our dignity as a country. And since no party is going to take care of this public health task, it is convenient for citizens to organize themselves.

Elvira Roca, author of Imperiophobia and black legend: Rome, Russia, the United States and the Spanish Empire (Siruela, 2016).

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