Thursday, December 2

Spain: the unusual protest in the Prado Museum to complain about the rapeseed oil scandal, which left thousands of people dead and injured

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Carmen Cortés and Pilar Sastre, victims of Toxic Oil Syndrome.

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The survivors of the SAT ask for the attention of the Spanish State.

At the beginning of the 80s, the rapeseed oil scandal caused a commotion in Spain and the worst health crisis in the European country until the appearance of the coronavirus.

According to the Organization of Consumers and Users of Spain, 5,000 people they died and at least 20,000 were left with sequels for life after consuming industrial oil that was sold as fit for human consumption.

The call “Toxic Oil Syndrome (SAT)” it became a new disease and destroyed the lives of thousands of families in the country.

When the matter seemed forgotten, an unusual protest at the iconic Prado Museum in Madrid has brought it back to the headlines.

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