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Spain triumphs when fewer Madrid footballers have

  • ‘La Roja’, who was world champion with five white players, won the Eurocups in Spain-1964 and Austria-2008 with only two meringues footballers

  • When the coaches called up six or more white players, the results of the national team were not as good as they are now

It may be, yes, that the squad list of Luis Enrique for this European Championship, more European than any other, had, for some Spanish fans, some notable absences such as a right-back like Navas or, for example, the second great Spanish scorer who, above all, is the No. 1 in assists from LaLiga, the Galician Aspar.

But the loudest thing about that list was the total absence, for the first time in the history of the two great national team competitions, Eurocup Y world Cup, of players of the Real Madrid. The striking thing about the call was not so much, that also, the absence of the ‘great captain’ Sergio Ramos, but, on a list of 24, which could have been 26, Luis Enrique did not summon Nacho Y Asensio.

One at least

Never before had an event of such repercussion occurred, although it is true that in the long-term injury of Ramos, it joins that, for the first time in 10 years (2009-2010, with Manuel Pellegrini on the bench), the merengue team finished the 2020-2021 season without winning a single title. Some believe that the low credibility that many critics and fans had in this team was due to the fact that there was not a single white player.

It so happens that, according to statistics published by Pedro Martin, the data expert from Cadena COPE (@pedritonumeros), the Spanish team has achieved better numbers and more titles the fewer Real Madrid players it had in its ranks. It is still curious that, in the Brazil World-50, this surprising fact was about to occur but, finally, he was summoned Luis Molowny.

Better without meringues

If we discard the competitions where the number of Real Madrid contributions ranged between three and five (for example, the World Cup won in South Africa: Boxes, Arbeloa, Albiol, Alonso Y Bouquets) and we divide the events between those competitions in which two or fewer meringues players and / or six or more white footballers participated, the truth is that the balance that comes out is that Spain did much better the fewer white footballers it had in its ranks .

With six or more white players, Spain was eliminated in the group stage of the World-1962, in Chile, with 7 white soccer players; the same fate ran the selection in England-1966, with 6 targets; at the World Cup Mexico-1986, with 7 Real Madrid players, Spain was eliminated in the quarterfinals; on the Euro-1988, from Germany, with up to 8 whites, meringue participation record (Camacho, Gallego, Gordillo, Sanchís, Michel, Martín Vázquez, Butragueño and Buyo), also fell in the group stage; in the World-1990, from Italy, with 6 whites, the team was eliminated in the round of 16, as happened, more recently, in Russia-2018, with 6 meringues stars.

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Better luck

However, in some of the big competitions where the coach on duty only called up one or two Real Madrid players, the results were better. In the aforementioned World-1950, in Brazil, with the solitary contribution of Molowny, Spain finished fourth; Spain was champion in the Euro-1964, which was played in our country, with 2 white players; title that he repeated, in 2008, in the Eurocup which was held in Austria and Switzerland, with only two white players; on the Euro-2016, with 2 Real Madrid players, Spain was eliminated in the second round and, now, in the present EurocupWithout a single Real Madrid player, Spain will fight tomorrow, at Wembley, for a spot in the final against Italy.


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