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Spain’s first victory at home, which will be played tomorrow for the final




Today in Cádiz one of the most beautiful pages of its history related to the sea has been written, and to tell it in the first person ABC went to the site, went with the Cadiz and the visitor on foot and we could see that today all of Cádiz and the multitude of visitors who have come from abroad have taken to the streets and crowded the balustrades of Campo de las Balas, Alameda Apodaca and Paseo de Santa Bárbara to witness the first day of the Rolex Sail GP.

Despite the time, 4:45 p.m., a sun more typical of the summer season than the autumn season and the typical uncertainty and conformism that characterizes the people of Cadiz, today they have forgotten everything and have taken the walls to contemplate some regattas that, despite the weak wind they have been spectacular. But it has not only been the citizens of Cádiz on foot who have concentrated on land, but the many ships that have done so from the sea, according to the 1200 organization, although I do not think they reached 600, which marks a milestone. in the history of sailing in Cádiz.

I must admit that when the place where the race courses were to be anchored was published, my doubts about that choice were accentuated, since I did not believe that it was the most suitable place to sail, but although technically due to the wind it was not the most adequate, for the public it has been the best. So from these lines “chapeau” for Miguel Ramos, the architect of this success and that Cádiz has turned to the regatta, although here it must be recognized that the work of the City Council, Provincial Council and the Junta de Andalucía, have also put their grain of sand in this success, since tomorrow whatever happens – it is announcing fat lift -, the objective of has been fulfilled.

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Australia, leader of the regatta
Australia, leader of the regatta – Guiomar López de Carrizosa

Regarding the sporting aspect of today, the 3 tests have been marked by the instability of the wind both in intensity and direction. If on the one hand it blew little but enough for the boats to “foil” on the other they were completely stopped, and from these uncertainties none were spared, neither the “roosters” nor the “apprentices”.

The high point of the day, sportingly speaking, occurred during the second test, when our Victoria, who was very prominent last, with 3 sections remaining, gave the so-called “Gorostegui board” and the play went well since last he went to first and in the last two stages, boosted by an excited public, I keep the first place, very threatened by Japan and New Zealand. The reaction of the public was a show with more than 5 minutes of applause, cheers and oles that, although they were reciprocated by the crew, a little empathy would not have hurt.

The Cádiz bridge in the background
The Cádiz bridge in the background – Guiomar López de Carrizosa

In the first of the tests the victory was for Great Britain, followed by Australia and the United States, with a blurred Spanish team that was penultimate. The second test is won by Spain followed by Denmark, Australia and New Zealand. The third was a little more of the same in the upper part of the field, weak wind that began to fall as they headed towards the walls, with many wind wells in the central part of the race course, a difficult regatta where the victory went to the United States followed by Australia, Denmark and with Spain in fifth position. Note that in this test the Spanish team only sailed with 4 crew members, to eliminate weight due to the low wind.

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Today Sunday the last three tests, the first two to select the three boats that will go to the final and the third to determine who is the winning boat, since the first 3 will be played, with their score boxes set to zero.

The general ranking after the first 3 rounds of the Rolex Sail GP in Cádiz is like this: 1st Australia 19 points, 2nd United States 18, 3rd Denmark 15, 4th Great Britain 15, 5th Spain 14, 6th Japan 13, 7th New Zealand 10 and 8th France With 4. Considering what has been seen, the Spanish boat has little chance of reaching the final since they have a long way to go and improve, despite the quality that the crew treasures.

The King aboard the Victoria
The King aboard the Victoria

Today, the King has become one more crew member and has sailed as sixth aboard the F50 Victoria, the Spanish catamaran. King Felipe VI, a great sailing fan and Olympian in Barcelona 92 ​​’, talked for a long time with the Spanish crew, and was interested in them and in all the details of the competition. After the visit, he had lunch with part of the team and, later, he set sail with a motorboat that took him to the F50 Victoria.

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