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Spaniards do not trust others and Catalans and Castilian-Leonese, less



Spaniards are among the citizens of the European Union who have the least trust in others, according to the 2021 survey of the European Government Quality Index, from the University of Gothenburg (Sweden). Catalonia and Castile and Leon They are among the European regions that score their neighbors worst.

The Spanish give a score of 5.1 out of 10, approved scraping, to the trust towards their neighbors. Just the Bulgarians (4,5) and croats (4.4) give a worse score to the question of “how much confidence do you personally have that the rest of the people in your area do the right thing, with 1 being ‘nothing at all’ and 10 ‘completely confident'”.

The average score for the European Union is 5.9. The scores of the Portuguese (5,8), italians (5.5) and french (5.4) are also below average; while the Germans (6.5) are above. The highest scores for the trust your neighbors arouse are given in Netherlands (7,5), Finland (7.2) and Lithuania (7,0).

The Castilian-Leonese (with a score of 4.4 out of 10) and the Catalans (4.5) are the Spanish regions that least trust their neighbors. They also do not reach the approved in Andalusia, Basque Country and Castilla la Mancha (4.9). The highest notes are given in The Rioja (5.7) and Canary Islands (5.9), the only one that reaches the EU average.

Of the 240 regions in which the European Union is divided, only 17 suspend their neighbors; five of them are Spanish. The ‘top’ ten of European regions that give the best marks to others are made up of territories in the Netherlands.

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Trust in politicians

Confidence in politicians is even lower, although, in comparison, Spain scores them better than other EU countries. The Spanish grant a score of 4.4 out of 10 to the confidence towards its Parliament, below the community average (4.9), but above a dozen countries.

The note of Spain is identical to that of France (4.4), Italy is in the middle (4.9) and Portugal half a point above (5.4). No country grants a notable to its parliamentarians. The highest marks are given in Finland (6.8), Luxembourg (6.5) and, with 6.3, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. The lowest, in Bulgaria (2.7) and Cyprus (3.2). Below 4 are also Romania, Croatia, Slovenia and Poland.

The Basque Country and Castilla y León, with a score of 3.7 out of 10, are the regions that score the worst trust towards Parliament. They are followed by Catalonia (3.8). La Rioja is the only autonomous community that approves them, with a 5.1. In the Balearic Islands they reach the community average, 4.9.

In the ‘top’ ten regions of the EU with the highest confidence in their politicians are territories of Finland, Germany and the Netherlands. Unlike what happened with trust towards neighbors, Spain does not place any region among the twenty that worst score trust towards its politicians.

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