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Spanish cinema registers the worst year at the box office of the 21st century

Cinema hall.

Cinema hall.

Spanish cinema will close the year 2020 of the coronavirus pandemic with a box office slightly above 40 million euros, the lowest figure since the beginning of the 21st century, according to provisional data collected by Europa Press from the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in the absence of closing the year.

Without great titles to be released and with falling figures due to the restrictions imposed in many places in Spain, it is finally confirmed that the coronavirus has meant a blind year for the film industry, which in mid-December reaches the 41.2 million euros of accumulated box office.

With several months closed due to the lockdown in March, this year’s figures are far removed from the previous one, when 94.1 million euros and 16 million viewers were reached –In 2020, the number of people who have gone to the movies is less than half that amount, 7 million viewers.

While in 2018 the collection stood at 103.7 million euros, with ‘Champions’ leading the ranking (19 million euros), In 2017, a similar figure was reached, thanks in part to the momentum of ‘Tadeo Jones 2’ (17.9 million euros). In fact, the box office record for Spanish cinema came in 2014 – 125.7 million euros – with the effect ‘Eight Basque surnames’ (56 million euros).

On the contrary, the lowest figures at the box office throughout this 21st century and that could approach those obtained in 2020 are those of the year 2013, with 70.2 million euros; and those of the year 2000 itself, with 53.7 million euros, according to the Statistics of Cinematography: Production, Exhibition, Distribution and Promotion of the Ministry of Culture and Sports consulted by Europa Press.

The year 2020 has been saved thanks to ‘Father there is no more than one 2’, the new film by Santiago Segura that was released after the confinement – on July 29 – and has managed to gather 2.3 million viewers throughout the year and has raised 12.9 million euros. Precisely, the first installment of ‘Padre no hay más que uno’ was also the highest grossing film of the year 2019, with 2.4 million viewers and 14.2 million euros of collection.

After this title, there are three other films premiered in the first months of the year those that stand in the top positions. Thus, ‘Adú’ –with a million viewers and 6.3 million euros at the box office–, ‘Malasaña 32’ –610,057 viewers and 3.7 million euros of collection– and ‘Until the wedding do us part’ — with 452,401 viewers and 2.7 million euros–.

The ‘top 5’ is closed by the comedy ‘Superagente Makey’, premiered on July 17, also after the confinement, which in five months in theaters has managed to accumulate 1.8 million euros at the box office and gather 328,633 viewers in Spanish theaters.

This title is followed by ‘That which you give me’, released in September, and the last film of 2020 to overcome the barrier of one million euros in collection. Other tapes like ‘If I were rich’, ‘Rosa’s wedding’ or ‘You will not kill’ occupy the highest positions of this film year.

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