Wednesday, February 28

Spartacus, PlayStation’s answer to Xbox Game Pass, could arrive next week

It seems that Sony already has its alternative to Microsoft’s Game Pass ready. It will be a somewhat different proposal, but very interesting.

In this new generation, PS5 users have some things to “envy” Xbox Series X users.

Microsoft’s console is slightly more powerful, but what annoys PS5 users the most is that does not have Dolby Vision (it seems that it will never have it), and thatthey haven’t activated the variable framerate yet (will arrive in the next few months).

However, at the marketing and business level, What makes Sony the most “pupa” is Microsoft’s Game Pass. Its subscription service for consoles and PCs that offers about 100 games that you can download for free, play online, as well as streaming games on all kinds of devices.

Sony currently offers playstation plus, which provides access to three games per month for free for as long as you have the service activated. It also offers discounts on some games with the subscription, and unlocks the game online on consoles. Its annual price is €59.99.

Also has Playstation Nowa cloud gaming subscription service that allows you to play PS2, PS3, PS4 games… even on a PC. The subscription is €44.99 per year.

This offer is below the Game Pass, because it cannot be contracted together, and it does not offer games to download and play without limits in local mode. In addition, Microsoft includes in this subscription all its exclusive games, from day one.

Sony is going to try to balance the scales with a new codename Spartacus subscription, which was revealed a few months ago. We now know, according to Bloomberg, that will premiere next week.

Spartacus will merge the two current subscriptions, PlayStation Plus and PS Now, and add some extrassuch as the possibility of downloading and playing PS2, PS3 and PS4 games locally, instead of just streaming, as was the case until now.

An important difference is that Sony will not include its exclusive games in the subscription from launch day, as Microsoft does. Will add them later. What it will do is offer, in the most expensive option, a kind of extended demo of these exclusive gameswhich would allow playing the first 8 or 10 hours.

Rumors suggest that there will be three levels tiers of the subscriptionaccording to

Level 1, “Essential”: Basically it’s the current PlayStation Plus: Online play, free games per month, cloud saves and occasional discounts. Price: $10 per month.

Level 2, “Extra”: PlayStation Plus + PS Now, that is, about 300 PS2, PS4 and PS4 games, but they will not be playable in streaming, only download on PS4 and PS5 and play them locally. Price: $13 per month.

Level 3, “Premium”: Added to all of the above are extended demos of exclusive Sony games, about 8 or 10 hours of play. In addition, PS Now games can be streamed. Price: $16 per month.

We will see how much of this becomes a reality, but what is clear is that in the end, Xbox Game Pass is going to have competition.

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