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Spending a fortune on high-end makes more sense than ever: good and cheap mobiles are disappearing

Buying a spectacular mobile for less than 250 euros, until recently, was not difficult. But 2022 is being a severe setback for prices. Electricity, fuel costs, food prices and, of course, the technology industryare being affected by runaway inflation.

In the mobile field, not even the manufacturers that stood out for quality-price are managing to adjust the margins as in the past year. Something that, in the case of mid-range mobiles, is leading to prices between 400 and 500 euros by mobiles that do not finish shining. Wouldn’t it be more worthwhile to buy a high-end car and amortize it over the years of use?

The economic middle range, in danger of extinction


The POCO X3 Pro are over at 249 euros, and the F3 for 349 euros. The M4 Pro 5G costs almost 300 euros. The Realme 8 Pro is also over at less than 300 euros, its successor goes up to 400 euros. Here we speak of “basic mid-range”, if we want somewhat more ambitious specificationsprepare the portfolio.

It is not difficult to go to 500 euros if we want a complete mid-range in specifications. For not too much more, we have a high-end with all the letters

I wanted to buy a mid-range from 2022. I ended up with a 2021 model that surpassed it in everything

If we leave the companies that, even today, are still the most competitive in quality-price, we find the OPPO Find X5 Lite for 499 euros, the Vivo V23 5G for the same price and competitive proposals, such as the Galaxy A53 5G, with a starting price of 449 euros (with offers we can reduce this amount). About 500 euros if we want a mid-range with everything.

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Approaching those 500 euros for the mid-range puts us in a certain bind: if we stretch our pockets a little we have much more solid proposals. The POCO F4 GT starts at 599 euros, the Google Pixel 6 goes to 649 euros and, if we get gourmets, stretching something else we have up to an iPhone 12.

Nothing more personal, of course, than a budget to buy a mobile, but breaking a certain psychological barrier (500 euros is a considerable price for a phone), it makes sense. slightly stretch the figure and get something noticeably better.

Longevity as the key to the purchase


When we talk about high-end, we usually talk about high figures, power and features that, for most users, may be irrelevant. But the tangible thing for everyone is that this hardware helps the device age betterwith fast memories whose degradation has less impact on performance, processors that will handle future updates significantly better, and cameras high above than usual in the mid-range.

Buying a high-end device, even if we think we don’t need so much power, is life insurance for the aging of the device.

Buying high-end guarantees us years of useful life. always remains chase the bargain mobile, the punctual offer or the launch discount. The mid-range is still alive, and it is not impossible to get one at a low price. However, the general tone turns towards price increases, and this is where it makes sense to consider whether it is perhaps a better idea to go with everything.

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