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‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’: some images of the film were leaked that could change the outcome of the story

Tom Holland attends the premiere of “Spider-Man Far From Home” in Hollywood, California.

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The launch of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ in theaters continues to be talked about in recent months, which continues to maintain its Release date for December 17. Since the film’s first trailer was released in August this year, it has generated endless rumors, fan theories about what the film could show, possible secrets or ‘easter eggs’ of the video presented by Sony Pictures , and if it was not enough, many leaks regarding the multiverse of madness that have left Internet users speechless.

There is no doubt that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man film belonging to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) has generated an unknown for all users who are looking forward to this film of the arachnid superhero: ¿Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man to appear in ‘No Way Home’? This rumor had been ringing out with great force when his first advance was presented, because there he made an appearance Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus from Sam Raimi’s universe, as well as the other villains that will make up the side of ‘The Sinister Six‘ in this film.

Later, when the first official poster of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ was revealed days ago, Internet users caused a furor on social networks for all the references of the antagonists that were in said image, implying that the doors of the multiverse came to stay in the UCM and it would only be missing that Peter Parker variants appear in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’.

The premiere of ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’ is just around the corner and finally speculation about the possible appearance of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield It began to become very real with two leaked images, which have already been echoed in several American media and many Marvel and Sony Pictures accounts began to publish them on social networks. The person in charge who published these images is called John Campea, a Canadian youtuber and critic who did not hesitate for a second to delete the photos, but He let it be understood through an interview that they are real.

The first photo shows Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield teaming up with Tom Holland on a boat. It is speculated that the three would be having a battle with the ‘Sinister Six’, in order to break the curse of Doctor Strange that has caused havoc on the timelines.

On the other hand, the second image shows Tom Holland’s Spiderman sitting at a table in Aunt May’s house, performed again by Marisa Tomei, where they are accompanied along with Happy Hogan and Matt Murdock, a character who was played by actor Charlie Cox in the Netflix series ‘Daredevil’. Cox would reprise his role for the fourth time, at least, as Matt Murdock, which would found as lawyer Peter Parker in order to try to solve the legal problems after he was publicly accused of the murder of Quentin Beck (Mysterio).

These images took a lot of force in social networks and it only remains to wait until The second trailer for ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ is announced to confirm once and for all these appearances that fans have been waiting for months when the arrival of the multiverse emerged due to the Disney + ‘WandaVision’ and ‘Loki’ series, which are canonical and are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM).

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