Wednesday, December 1

Sporting Contest of the Week: Premier League, Paralympics and Pacquiao

Who cost a fortune? Who gave the award away? Who left him late?

Maria Andrejczyk won a silver medal in the javelin at the Tokyo Olympics. What have you done with your medal?

She melted it down and turned it into a wedding ring.

She had it dipped in gold, as it feels like she “is the real winner.”

She auctioned it off for a young boy who needed the money to pay for life-saving heart surgery.

He had to see his vet while his dog ate it. (The dog was fine)

The Paralympic Games begin on Tuesday in Tokyo. What two new sports will be featured at this year’s Games?

Chess, boxing and squash

Badminton and taekwondo

Croquet and billiards

Padel and kabaddi

Chelsea have already signed Romelu Lukaku twice: from Anderlecht in 2011 and from Inter in 2021. How much has their transfer fee increased in the last decade?





What was unusual about the results of the first weekend of the Premier League season?

All 10 matches were won by the local team.

No English player scored any goals

There were no English coaches in charge of the 20 teams

There were no ties

Why did Mark Allen say that his match in the first round of this week’s British Open snooker competition was “horrible”?

He lost 5-0 and failed to get a ball

He broke his cue on the table midway through the game after missing an easy shot and had to keep playing with half a cue.

He was playing against his ex girlfriend

Missed a break of 147 (and £ 147,000) by losing the last black ball

Danny Ings scored the 2,000th penalty in Premier League history on Saturday. Which player has scored more than 2,000 penalties than anyone else?

Bruno fernandes

Frank Lampard

Alan shearer

Matt the Tissier

Mark van Bommel has taken over as Wolfsburg’s new manager. What happened in your first game in charge of the club, a German Cup game?

Wolfsburg lost 4-0 to an eighth division team

Van Bommel brought in too many substitutes and Wolfsburg was expelled from the cup

Four of his players were sent off for fighting each other.

His assistant manager quit midway through the second half.

Gerd Müller died this week at the age of 75. He scored 68 goals for West Germany. In how many games?





Manny Pacquiao will face Yordenis Ugás on Saturday night for a version of the world welterweight title. When did Pacquiao win his first world title?





Speaking of 40-year-old athletes, Michael Hogan pitched the last field in the one-day Cup final this week to give his county its first silver medal in 17 years. What county was he playing in?





1 and higher.

Oh darling

2 and higher.

Oh darling

3 and higher.

A good score. Not good. But it’s okay.

4 and higher.

A good score. Not good. But it’s okay.

5 and higher.

Good work. Have a good weekend

6 and above.

Well played. Have a good weekend

7 and above.

Well played. Have a good weekend

8 and above.

Very well played. Have a great weekend

9 and above.

Very well played. Have a great weekend

0 and higher.

Oh darling

10 and more.

You star. Have a great weekend

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