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Sports and cultural activities are suspended but the Tirisiti nativity scene remains

Representation of the Tirisiti de Alcoy nativity scene, whose programming is maintained.

He increase in cases that has been registered in Alcoy Over the last week it has led the City Council to take measures to try to prevent a further spread of the virus. Sports activities have been suspended from today until January 4, and the children’s play areas in the parks have been closed until that date. Different cultural activities that were planned have also been canceled, although the calendar of performances of the crib of Tirisiti, as well as the programming of the Calderón Theater.

The incidence of the coronavirus in Alcoy has skyrocketed to 318.68 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, according to data published by the Ministry of Health The last friday. A week earlier, on December 10, the rate stood at 235.62. The situation had remained fairly stable since the beginning of November in the municipality, with a slight downward trend; however, in the last seven days there have been 150 new cases.

Therefore, given this “very worrying increase”, it has been considered appropriate to “take complementary measures” to try to reverse the situation, as pointed out by the mayor, Toni Francés, who publicly announced the measures accompanied by the spokesman for the Government team , Jordi Martínez. Both considered that this negative evolution is a consequence of a certain relaxation in a part of the population during the last bridge of the Constitution and the Immaculate Conception. “There is a direct relationship between holidays and covid-19 cases,” said Francés. In addition, the outbreaks that have been registered in two residences for the elderly in the city, which number more than 100 affected since the end of November, have further aggravated the situation.

Given this, it has been decided to close the municipal sports spaces -the sports center and the Eduardo Latorre complex- until January 4, and also all the activities that were planned to be carried out in them or in other venues throughout these days. The tourist activities and those of a cultural nature that had been programmed in museums are also canceled. For example, according to Jordi Martínez, some workshops that were going to be held at the Nadal Museum. “They were outdoors, but we want to avoid any dangerous situation.”

Open museums

Of course, the museum and exhibition areas will remain open for visits, as will the municipal libraries, with the capacity control and hygiene measures that were already being carried out. And also, following the same line, the representations of the Tirisiti nativity scene are maintained, as well as the Calderón Theater programming. Jordi Martínez pointed out that these latest cultural events are “safe activities that have their control protocol”, both in terms of capacity and access control and hygiene measures.

The performances of Tirisiti, which have already been held for schoolchildren in the city, will begin open to the general public this Wednesday 23rd. This characteristic act of Nadal Alcoià, which attracts thousands of people to the city every year, is the only one that, in principle, it will be possible to be carried out in a similar way to other years, although with reduced capacity as a security measure. The anticipation around him is remarkable; after putting the tickets on sale on the 15th, 2,000 were sold in just two hours.

Regarding the Three Kings Parade, Toni Francés stressed that “Their Majesties will arrive” in Alcoy, but that “with this situation it is impossible to foresee now what we will do.” It works, Frances said, in different possible scenarios “depending on how everything evolves”, although in any case “health has been, is and will be the absolute priority in any event organized by the City Council.” The mayor also recalled that all the measures taken “will be of little use if they are not accompanied by the responsibility of all”, so he appealed to the utmost caution these days.

The Ibi City Council asks not to go to the top of La Teixereta on the 24th

The City Council of Ibi also confirmed yesterday the suspension of another Christmas event very characteristic of this town, the climb on the morning of the 24th to the top of La Teixereta, on the south face of the Font Roja natural park, where every year install a nativity scene. The Consistory and the local hiking group Amics de les Muntanyes, which co-organizes the activity, issued a joint statement in which, apart from announcing the cancellation of this traditional annual event, in which hundreds of people participate every December 24, they urged Neighbors not to go up the mountain this Thursday, either individually or in groups, to avoid any risk of overcrowding on the road and that this could pose a risk to public health. The City Council and the hiking entity appealed to “the utmost responsibility and prudence” and to comply with the rules “scrupulously” to take care of everyone. They also recalled that this 2020 will have to renounce the Festes d’Hivern -with designated appointments such as Els Enfarinats and the Ball del Virrei-, and that the Three Wise Men “will arrive in Ibi in a different way” due to circumstances. As in Alcoy, it has not yet been determined how it will be carried out. a.teruel

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