Sunday, September 26

Sports contest of the week: birds, insects, masters and disasters

Who fell? Who provided support? Who ran the free world?

The Norwegian government did not allow its men’s soccer team to travel to Austria to fulfill its Nations League match after one of its players tested positive for Covid. What did the Norwegian coach do?

Instead, he sent the Norwegian women’s team, and they won

He brought in a whole new squad of players, most of whom had never been internationals, and they managed to draw in Austria.

He disguised the players as janitors and they sneaked through the airport and flew to Austria.

He called the King of Norway, a great football fan, and asked for a royal pardon, which was granted.

Dustin Johnson set a new record by winning the Masters with a score of 20 under par. Which two golfers shared the previous record with scores of minus 18?

Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus

Phil Mickelson and Arnold Palmer

Patrick Reed and Bernhard Langer

Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth

There was an unusual scene during the Brazilian third division game between Ferroviário and Jacuipense this week. The jacuipense goalkeeper fell to the ground, apparently feigning an injury to waste time, but did not get up. What happened to him?

He had lost his wedding ring and said he would not continue playing until they found it.

He fell on an anthill, was bitten everywhere and had to ask the physiotherapist for help

He saw a snake in the grass and stood still to avoid being bitten.

He said he could hear a storm coming and players should leave the field immediately.

Lewis Hamilton won his seventh F1 world title on Sunday. Who was the president of the United States when Hamilton won his first title?

Bill clinton

George W. Bush

Barack Obama

Donald trump

Stephen Kenny took over as coach of the Republic of Ireland in April. How many goals has he scored in his eight games in charge?





World boxing champions Callum Smith and Canelo Alvarez are risking their titles when they fight next month. Smith remains undefeated as a professional after 27 fights. Who gave Álvarez the only loss of his professional career?

Manny pacquiao

Gennady Golovkin

Liam smith

Floyd mayweather

San Marino has been playing competitive soccer since 1990. What new ground did they break this week?

They won a competitive game

They drew two games in a row

They scored more than one goal in a game

They featured a team that contained 11 professional players.

Who will make the switch from “Nishikori to Djokovic” this weekend?

Andy Murray

Rafael Nadal

Liverpool FC

England rugby team

Germany suffered an embarrassing 6-0 loss to Spain this week. It was his biggest loss in a competitive game. Who defeated them 9-0 in a friendly in 1909?

North Ireland




Germany weren’t the only team to concede six goals this week. Colombia lost 6-1 to Ecuador in a World Cup qualifier, after losing 3-0 to Uruguay earlier in the week. What familiar face is Colombia driving these days?

Sven-Göran Eriksson

Owen coyle

Marco Silva

Carlos Queiroz

New Zealand won the Women’s Rugby World Cup in 2017 and has been at the top of the world rankings ever since. Which team topped them this week, ending their three-year reign?




United States

1 and higher.

Oh! Have a great weekend.

2 and higher.

Oh! Have a great weekend.

3 and higher.

Oh darling. Have a great weekend.

4 and higher.

That is a decent score. Have a great weekend.

5 and higher.

A good score. Have a great weekend.

6 and above.

A good score. Have a great weekend.

7 and above.

A magnificent score. Have a great weekend.

8 and above.

A magnificent score. Have a great weekend.

9 and higher.

Your legend. Have a great weekend.

10 and more.

Your legend. Have a great weekend.

0 and higher.

Oh! Have a great weekend.

11 and more.

Your legend. Have a great weekend.

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