Thursday, February 22

Spotify and its commitment to podcasts continues: it acquires a company that monitors episodes for security

Spotify continues to bet on its podcast section and, in turn, continues to fight misinformation thanks to the collaboration of Kinzen, a company in charge of monitoring the content of these.

One of the great sections that we find in Sportify focuses on the podcast and it seems that this option, with more and more users who listen to some of its tops daily, wants to broaden its horizons and improve quality.

That is why it has decided to acquire a company called Kinzen, which uses machine learning and user collaboration to analyze content possibly harmful and hate speech in multiple languages, and thus prevent the platform become a place that incites hate on podcasts.

This company will be dedicated to searching all the podcasts that we can find on Spotify and identifying emerging threats, whatever the language.

And it is that, it is clear that, as happens on Twitter or Facebook, for example, on all social networks and platforms, all kinds of topics, different types of people and different approaches to similar issues are shared and no, not everything must have a place in them.

Kinzen, Spotify’s new acquisition to fight disinformation and hate speech in its podcasts

As Engadget points out, both companies have been collaborating for 2 years (since 2020), also fighting against an aspect that currently monopolizes the media landscape: misinformation.

And it is that, since the beginning of the pandemic, with “infallible” tricks that eliminated the virus from our body or messages against vaccines that we could hear in some podcasts, Spotify and Kinzen have set to work to control them and spot them on the music platform.

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The clear example is Joe Rogan, who began to spread Coronavirus vaccine misinformation on your Spotify show, which sadly had (and has) a huge audience. All this was followed, as it could not be otherwise, by the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Given this, 270 medical professionals signed an open letter days later for Spotify to regulate misinformation on its platform. Subsequently, It was decided to include content notices, followed by a Covid Guide to always keep the user informed, as you can see in the image above.


Spotify in 2022: a guide to get the most out of the largest music and podcast platform

Likewise, the streaming platform has included new definitions of what it considers “dangerous” “misleading”, “sensitive” or “illegal” content and numerous measures leading to the elimination of the program of the platform musicif the rules are broken.

With all this, it is good news that Spotify uses Kinzen detection technology, however, they continue to allow a multitude of messages that are certainly suspected of being disinformation and, once that goes viral or reaches thousands of people who then post on social media, it may already be too late for the platform to do something about it.

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