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“SPOUG 2022 is fun and knowledge”

Oscar Garcia SPOUG website

The annual convention of the Oracle Users Association in Spain, SPOUG, will be held on June 2 and 3 with an agenda full of top-level speakers from the world of the various Oracle products. We spoke with Óscar García, manager of SPOUG about what this new edition brings.

Interview with Óscar García, manager of SPOUG

What will attendees of SPOUG 2022 find?

This year we wanted to give the conference the concept of Fun & Conference. We want that in addition to the talks, the concept of fun also appears, and that is what we will focus on on the first day. Then comes the part of the conference where we want to be a source of knowledge. We believe that this last concept is one of the most relevant aspects of SPOUG 2022.

As in last year’s edition, we are committed to a hybrid format, because we want to reach those parts of the Spanish territory where people do not have the facility to come to the face-to-face conference. Our goal is to make it easy for everyone, both those who will be present at the event and those who do it online, to learn and access all the specialists who work with Oracle technology.

How are you going to structure SPOUG 2022?

For the virtual part we will have five tracks with technical and technological sessions: Database & Cloud infrastructure, Development, Digital Enterprise, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and a track dedicated to sponsors and for the face-to-face part we will also have four rooms with conferences where we will mix the sessions a little more strategies also with technical sessions. All sessions will provide knowledge of what we want to achieve for people who sign up. Together we will have more than 60 speakers and more than 50 sessions focused on Oracle technologies.

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Among the speakers, we will have the presence of Albert Triola, Country Leader of Oracle Spain, as well as an important group of speakers from both our country and abroad who will address the latest developments and the future of Oracle products.

Among the speakers, I highlight the presence of María del Mar de Ros, who is the CEO of Spain SailGP, which is the Formula 1 of the sailing world. De Ros she will tell us how it works and the importance of technology in this great competition and in which data, sensors, etc. influence and allow the competition to improve.

This year, they have also opted for sustainability…

Yes, we believe that it is an important issue. Therefore, there will be a round table focused on this topic. We are going to have leaders from large organizations debating and sharing their points of view. We will see what are the challenges that their departments face in terms of sustainability: how do they ensure that their Data Centers receive clean energy or what strategy do they carry out so that the applications or systems that are not used are on servers that are turned off. We believe that organizations are giving more and more importance to this section and we want to see what challenges they face and learn what solutions are being taken in this matter.

Another strong point will be that of the startups, right?

Effectively. In this sense, we will have a round table where we will discuss the challenges that startups are facing and how Oracle technologies are helping them in their growth. It is about presenting their cases and sharing their experiences with the rest to help them. See what approaches they are taking to building and scaling their business using Oracle technology or what Oracle solutions or applications they are employing.

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In addition, another of the relevant sessions is that of the University of Ávila, a great institution that is going to share with us how using PeopleSoft Campus is helping them on a day-to-day basis and how you are helping them streamline university management and how they are digitizing and better communication with students

A year ago, you told me that one of the aims of the Association was to decentralize. That not all activities took place in Madrid. Have they achieved it?

We’re going little by little, but yes. We already have initiatives underway and from this year there will already be events, which although they are not as important as SPOUG 2022, will already be held from Barcelona. And this new edition of SPOUG also has nuances of decentralization. Last year, this conference was in the fall, while now we do it in the summer because we want it to also reach an international audience and in the fall-winter, it is more difficult. This international profile has a specific concept of Spain and that is why we believe that the good weather and the concept of fun that we have incorporated in this edition is helping to receive world-class speakers.

In addition, we hold the convention outside of Madrid capital. Specifically in Alcalá de Henares that allows us to combine that concept of Fun & Conference. In short, our goal for the future is to return to our origins with conferences and events that traveled throughout Spain.

What else would you highlight about SPOUG 2022?

In addition to all the tracks that I have mentioned before, SPOUG22 will also feature prominent Product Managers from Apps Unlimited, great specialists in Oracle EBS and JD Edwards, who will be available for questions from attendees at a stand, and with whom it will be possible to close personalized meetings to address specific issues and find solutions. to the needs of each case. there will be tWorkshops, networking, work groups and the possibility of interacting with top level referents who constitute the key to the convention of knowledge that continues to grow.

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And of course, we must highlight the role played by sponsors. Platinum sponsors are Accenture, CGI and Oracle, Gold sponsorship is provided by Acevedo, Arin Innovation, Disrup TT, Motiva Consulting and Splash BI, while Abast, Abtio, Enginatics and ExtendIT are Silver sponsors.

Registration for SPOUG 2022 is free and can be done at

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