Thursday, April 15

Spring, summer, autumn, winter: the country that has a “fifth season”

  • Mike MacEacheran
  • BBC Travel

Canoe in the middle of a flooded ground

Image source, Karl Ander Adami / Visit Estonia


Every year, Estonia’s “fifth season” of the year transforms Soomaa National Park into a huge flooded land.

Every morning in the days leading up to spring, Aivar Ruukel looks out of his bedroom window and sees that his favorite season of the year has arrived.

If you are lucky and the weather is good, you eat a quick breakfast, grab a life preserver and paddle from the store, and rush to get your aspen, a traditional canoe.

From his vantage point on the boat, a network of routes emerges into view and Ruukel paddles into the flooded forest, entering a half-sunken world of flooded fields and canals.

Dawn is the best time to observe the delta and jump in the canoe at first light to see again this wide area of ​​spongy bogs and forests turned into peat bogs.

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