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Sri Lanka confident that Covid will not derail test series with England | Sport

Sri Lanka is fully confident in its biosecurity arrangements for the next series against England, and the main question now is whether Covid-19 was able to spread among tourists during the trip from London last weekend.

Moe en Ali is the only confirmed case from England after testing positive upon arrival on Sunday, and on Tuesday the asymptomatic SUV was transferred from the team’s hotel in Hambantota to one in Galle to complete its 10 days of isolation. .

Nick Peirce, the ECB’s medical director, traveled in a separate vehicle to make sure Moe en feels comfortable in his new surroundings, as he himself was vaccinated before departure due to his other job as a front-line NHS doctor.

England waited Tuesday night for the results of a new round of testing to determine if a spread has occurred or if players can leave their rooms to begin training, albeit with Chris Wakes isolated for a period of seven days after share a taxi from the West. Midlands to Heathrow with Moe en last Saturday.

Joe Root’s team will undergo another round of testing on Thursday, after which he will play a two-day match within the team before traveling to Galle before the first game of the series on January 14. So far, previous reports speak of an impressively strict environment in place.

Sri Lanka has had 45,242 reported cases since the start of the pandemic and 215 deaths, suggesting an effective response from a country with a population of 21 million. Its cricket board successfully hosted the first Lanka Premier League in November and December, with a handful of positive cases within the teams.

“The Ministry of Health has done a great job in Sri Lanka, so I don’t think the next series will go off the rails,” said Mickey Arthur, Sri Lanka’s head coach. “The country has been extremely cautious, with a good number of curfews anlock downsns.

“In terms of cricket, the LPL was very good at getting the protocols right and unless there is a surge in infections nationwide, this will go ahead. More cases in the England field could be the only problem, I guess. “

Arthur spoke after his injury-stricken team suffered a 10 wicket loss to South Africa in Johannesburg to complete a 2-0 series loss, despite a fight in the 10th-century test from their captDilutemuth Karunaratne.

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A three-day conclusion of the match had tourists ask South Africa if they could prepare some net turning tracks at the Wanderers to aid in their preparations for the England series ahead of their departure on a charter flight on Friday.

However, the hosts were unable to help as bio securecure bubble in the ground ceased immediately after the match, which means that the Sri Lankan players have to wait until they have passed home testing over the weekend before resumiThe the trainiThe

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