Friday, May 27

Sri Lanka’s millennial resort that’s an engineering masterpiece

Panoramic view of Sigiriya.

image source, Tuul & Bruno Morandi / Getty

Grains of orange sand sparkle in the sun as a lone motorcycle kicks up dust in its wake. It is 09.30 on a Monday and the temperature is already over 30C.

A family of Sri Lankan macaques swing from the tree branches and mischievously tangle right in front of us. But we barely noticed his presence. We cannot take our eyes off the 200-meter-high monolith that dominates in the distance.

Sigiriya, an ancient fortress and royal palace, It is one of the most popular attractions in Sri Lanka and in 2019 it received more than a million visitors. But on this sunny day in May 2021, my partner and I are the only two people here.

Built in 477, Sigiriya is considered one of the best preserved examples of urban planning in South Asia and one of its most important archaeological sites.

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